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[font=Calibri]Marie Nieves is a student and a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography and regular author on several blogs. [/font]
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Best Bike Adventure Experiences in Australia

One of the greatest things about Australia, and there are countless great things about this great country, is the amount of ground available for bike adventure junkies to cover. You can be mountain-biking the dust bowls of the desert interior,...

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Top 5 Cycling Trails in Australia

Australia’s diverse landscapes feature sun-drenched sandy beaches, endless blue horizons, lush rainforests, majestic towering mountains and even a spectacular desert, which you can explore along some of the most scenic bike rides. With its warm weather and open roads, Australia...

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6 Tips for Motorcycling Around Australia

Australia is beautiful from whichever angle you look at it, but probably the best angle is from your motorcycle seat. If you’re planning to travel around the Land Down Under, here is a little guide on the gear and the...

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Where to Eat and Stay and What to See in Sydney, Australia

[left]f you are looking for a city that will dazzle you with its pristine, untamed nature, dreamlike beaches and rich cultural heritage, look no further than Sydney. Truth be told, the real question is what not to see in Sydney?...

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