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Mexico Nightlife
Mexico offers some of the best nightlife options in Latin America. The local people seem willing to party at a drop of a hat, and the bars and clubs in the cities tend to be busy every night of the week. Tourists visiting Mexico will find the best nightlife options in the locations listed below;
Nightlife in Tijuana
Citizens of the United States have been pouring across the border to party in Tijuana for decades. It is a particularly attractive destination for young people because there is no requirement to be over 21 in order to drink. The fact that so many foreign visitors come to Tijuana to party means that there are many bars and nightclubs to choose from. It can be a fun place to go for the nightlife but things can get a bit rowdy at times.
Nightlife in Mexico City
The people of Mexico City are famous for enjoying things on a large scale, so it is not too surprising to find that there are some impressive nightlife options. Some of the trendiest places are located in the historical city centre (Centro). Visitors looking for something a bit more laid back should go to the Garibaldi Square area. People do not tend to go out until late in Mexico City, so most places will not be busy before midnight.
Nightlife on Cozumel
The island of Cozumel is a one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, and this is reflected by the fact that there are some great nightlife options. It tends to be predominately young travellers who end up on the island, so many of the bars and clubs are full of youthful energy. One of the best nightclubs on the island is Neptuno.