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Health & Safety in Mexico
Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Up until recently, it was mostly tourists coming from elsewhere in North America but now there are many visitors coming from Europe as well. Most people who make the choice to travel around Mexico will not experience any serious problems, but there are potential dangers so being aware of these is the first step to protecting against them.
Crime in Mexico
There are high levels of crime and violence in Mexico. Some parts of the country (e.g. Ciudad Juarez) have practically turned into war zones as rival drug cartels fight it out. These criminals do not usually deliberately target tourists, but it is easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Street crime is also common - tourists regularly report muggings and pickpocketing. If threats of violence are made then the best option is to just hand over your money.
Healthcare in Mexico
The healthcare options in most of the big cities are reasonably good. It is important though that people either have money to pay for treatment or adequate travel insurance. In an emergency, the number to call is 060 for an ambulance (it is also possible to call 065 or 068).
Natural Disasters in Mexico
Natural disasters do occur in Mexico. The hurricane seasons runs from June until November, and it is important that visitors keep an eye on the local news in order to stay safe. Mexico can also sometimes experience earthquakes, and the tremors can be enough to cause structural damage to buildings. There are also some active volcanoes in the country, but the danger zones are usually off limits to tourists.