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Mexico Culture
One of the things that tend to surprise visitors to Mexico is that the cities are very contemporary. In fact, the rate of development in this country is very impressive, and the country is similar in many ways to the US and Europe in regards to facilities. This is not to say that western culture has taken over the country because the traditional way of life is still there and considered important by many people – especially in the rural areas.
History of Mexico
There is evidence of people having lived in the area now known as Mexico since about 40,000 years ago. The early inhabitants are believed to have settled mostly in the Mexico valley areas, and they would have lived a hunter-gatherer type existence. Over the centuries, this area fell under the control of different cultural groups including the Aztec, the Inca, the Toltec, the Olmec, and the Teotihuacan. These communities existed in relative harmony, and they are believed to have traded actively. The Europeans arrived in Mexico near the end of the fifteenth century. The Spanish first conquered the coastal areas before spreading their influence. Mexico became known as New Spain, and the Spanish managed to control it until independence in was achieved in 1810.
Religion in Mexico
The majority of the population in Mexico is Christian, with about 82% of the population belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. The next largest Christian denomination is Evangelicals at about 5% of the population.