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United Kingdom Climate
The United Kingdom is located in Western Europe, so the climate is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and dry air coming from continental Europe. Generally speaking, the UK does not experience extremes of temperature – overall it can be said to have a temperate climate. All of the country experiences significant rainfall, but it varies between regions.
It is possible to divide the United Kingdom up into a number of climate zones:
South East
The South East Climate Zone tends to have light rain all year round. The winters tend to be mild and the summers are usually warm (although there may be many rainy days at this time of year too).
South West
The South West Climate Zone experiences heavy rain and this can come at any time of the year. The summers will tend to be warm and the winters here are usually mild.
North West
The North West Climate Zone will experience relatively cool summers and mild winters. Heavy rain showers can happen at any time of the year.
North East
The North East Climate Zone experiences relatively cool summers and mild winters. The rain here tends to be lighter than in the North West Climate Zone.
England tends to have warmer overall temperatures than the rest of the UK and tends to be sunnier too. Scotland tends to be colder and wetter than England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Seasons in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom has a four-season climate, loosely divided into:

  • Autumn - September to November

  • Winter - December to February

  • Spring - March to May

  • Summer - June to August

The weather in the UK is mild enough that it can be possible to have a good time all year round. If people want to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, it might be best to come in the warmer months. It is important to keep in mind that the weather in the UK can be very hard to predict and conditions can change very fast. It is best not to go anywhere without an umbrella.