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New Zealand Nightlife
Visitors to New Zealand can look forward to plenty of decent nightlife options. All the main towns and cities offer a good selection of bars, clubs, cinemas, restaurants, and live music. Some of the best options for entertainment after dark have been listed below;
Nightlife in Auckland
Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, and this is where some of the best nightlife options are to be found. It is possible to party on any night of the week here, but there are plenty of options for those looking for something a bit more sedate. The main areas for the best nightlife in the city are K Road, Kingsland, Britomart, the Viaduct, and the CBD.
Nightlife in Christchurch
Christchurch is another superb destination for those looking for some nightlife. The aftershocks of the 2011 earthquake meant that many bars and venues had to close their doors, but the city has already managed to bounce back from this and visitors will have no problem finding places to spend the night. Some of the best options in the city are at South of Moorhouse Avenue (aka SoMo), and there are also plenty of interesting things going on in the central business district once the sun goes down.
Nightlife in Wellington
Many people claim that the city of Wellington only really comes alive after the sun goes down. This urban area is home to some of the trendiest nightlife options in the country and there are many cocktail bars and fancy clubs from which to choose in the city centre. Those people looking for something a bit more down to earth will find plenty of bars to choose from. Some of the best venues are near the waterfront.