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Thailand Climate
Thailand is located in South East Asia and, overall, has a tropical climate; it is warm all year round. Thailand is also affected by an annual monsoon and this means that there is usually a great deal of rain during the rainy season.
It is possible to divide Thailand into two main climate zones:
Northern Thailand
The top half of Thailand (North, Northeast, and Central area) has a climate that can be divided into three seasons. In the north of the country, it can become cold enough during the cool season that people will put on a jacket in the early mornings. Most of the rain falls during the rainy season, and there tends to be flooding near the end of the season because the land is saturated. The average temperature in the Central area of Thailand during the hot season will be around 35 degrees Celsius. During the cool season, the average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.
Southern Thailand
The lower half of Thailand differs from the North in that there can be rain all year round. There is much less variation between temperatures throughout the year, and this means that there is not really a cool season.

Seasons in Thailand
The seasons in Thailand are loosely:

  • Hot Season - March to May

  • Rainy Season - June to October

  • Cool Season - November to February

The best time of year to visit Thailand is during the cool season. This is when the weather is perfect for lying on the beach and exploring the country, but this is also the high season and the most expensive time to visit. During the hot season, the temperatures can become uncomfortable. There can be a great deal of flooding during the rainy season.