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Things to See & Do in Thailand
Visitors to Thailand tend to keep on returning to this destination because there are so many great things to see and do. It would not be possible to see all the attractions in just one trip, but here are some of the most popular places that people are likely to want to see;
The island of Phuket is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. The nicest beaches are located on the western side of the island and the best of these include Kamala, Karon, and Kata. The most exciting nightlife options are in Patong, but if visitors are looking for something a bit more traditional, they can go to Phuket Town. In recent years the island has become popular as a destination for sporting holidays, and the most popular activities include Muay Thai, sailing, golfing, running, and tennis
Koh Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi is the most beautiful island in Thailand and the scenery here has been used in hit movies like The Beach (some of the most picturesque scenes from this film were shot on Maya Beach, although the movie is meant to be set in Koh Phang Nga). Koh Phi Phi is one of the most expensive islands to visit in Thailand, so most visitors will only stay here for a day or two. A good option is to stay on the nearby island of Koh Lanta and visit from there.
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand, and it is a very popular tourist destination. This is the place to go for those wishing to go on hiking tours of places like the Golden Triangle. Chiang Mai is also a great city for people who wish to attend some classes in meditation, yoga, Thai cooking, Thai massage, or Thai language. Another common reason for why tourists tend to flock to this city is that it is a relatively cheap place to stay. The nightlife options in Chiang Mai are also excellent.
Pai is a small town that is hidden away in the mountains of Northern Thailand. It has become a very popular destination for travellers who want to get away from the tourist scene - although in recent years, Pai has become increasingly popular and the whole town now basically revolves around tourism. Despite the popularity of the place though, visitors do tend to feel that they have left the beaten track, and nowhere in Thailand that is quite like Pai.
Bangkok (Krungthep Mahanakorn) is the capital of Thailand, and one of the largest cities in the world. Despite its size, it still manages to remain a very friendly place and it is safe to walk around most parts of the city even in the middle of the night when alone. Most budget travellers will end up staying on the Khao San Road, and it is possible to visit most of the important sites in the city from here.