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Travel to Ghana
Ghana is located in West Africa. This country shares a border with Togo, the Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso. It also has a 560 kilometre-long coastline on the Gulf of Guinea. There are a number of options when it comes to travelling to Ghana.
Travel to Ghana by Plane
Almost all the tourists flying into Ghana will arrive at Kotoka International Airport, which is located close to the capital Accra. Over two million passengers fly through this airport each year, and it has two terminals. Most of the international flights arrive at terminal 2. Many airlines fly into Kotoka International Airport, including:

  • British Airways

  • Virgin Atlantic

  • KLM

  • Delta Airlines

  • Lufthansa

  • Emirates

  • South African Airways

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Aero Contractors

  • Air Mali

  • Africa World Airlines

  • Ethiopian Airlines

  • Air Namibia

  • Kenya Airlines

  • Egypt Air

The cheapest time of year to fly to Ghana tends to be between January and July. There are many airlines flying into the country, so it is always worth looking around to find the best deals.
Travel to Ghana by Boat
It is possible to travel to Ghana by boat. For those in no rush to get to this country, they can travel by freight ship from many parts of Europe. Another option is to go on a cruise. Travelling to Ghana by boat can be dangerous because there is much piracy in the area.
Travel to Ghana by Bus
There are buses travelling to Ghana from cities in many other parts of West Africa. All of the bordering countries have bus services into the country, and there will usually be a choice of operators. Sometimes it will be necessary to change buses along the way, but there are also a number of direct options as well.
Travel to Ghana by Car
It is possible to travel into Ghana from neighbouring countries by car. The border checkpoints can be very chaotic and long queues are usually to be expected – especially at the Togo border crossing. Foreign tourists are usually given special treatment, meaning they make it through the border a little faster. It is recommended, though, that visitors expect at least some delay. If you are bringing a car into the country, you will usually need some proof of ownership.