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Travel around Ghana
Ghana covers a land area of 238,535 square kilometres. Visitors wishing to fully explore this wonderful country will need to do some travelling. Some of the best options for getting from A to B in Ghana have been listed below;
Travel around Ghana by Plane
There is a reasonable domestic airline service in Ghana that covers some of the important destinations. Terminal 1 at Kotoka International airport handles all domestic flights, and it is possible to travel to places such as Kumasi, Sekondi, and Tamale from Accra. The main provider of domestic flights in the country is Antrak Air, but there are also flights provided by City Link Airlines, and Starbow Airlines too. The cost of flying is reasonable but it is still going to be much cheaper to travel around by land.
Ghana Bus Travel
The cheapest and easiest way to travel around Ghana is by bus. There are a number of private bus companies, but the one that is probably the most reliable and safest is STC. There are services between all the main cities that visitors are likely to want to travel to, including Accra, Cape Coast, Tamale, and Kumasi. Some of these buses can get very busy, so the best option is to travel on the Express buses (these will also have air conditioning). The tickets for buses in Ghana can sell out fast, so it is highly recommended that people purchase their tickets at least a day before they are intending to travel.
Travel by Train
There is a rail network in Ghana that covers most of the south of the country. This service is reasonably good and it can be a nice way to get from one destination to the next. Since 2010, the services to some destinations have been suspended, and there is uncertainty about whether these will ever be resumed. At the moment it is only possible to travel by rail between Accra and Tema, and Accra and Nsawam – there are only a couple of trains a day, so this might not be the most convenient way to get around the country.
Ghana Car Hire & Driving in Ghana
Visitors can bring their own car into the country overland, and it is possible to rent cars in the cities. The roads around Accra are reasonably good, but they can get very bad once you get further out into the country. If you intend on traveling in rural areas, it is important to hire a four-wheel drive vehicle as most of the ‘roads’ in this part of the world are dirt tracks. There does seem to be a lot of effort being put into improving the road network across the country, but it is likely going to be many years before everywhere is up to scratch.
Travel by Taxi
Taxis are plentiful and fairly cheap to hire in Ghana. If you are willing to share a taxi with strangers, you end up paying less.