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Ghana Nightlife
There are some surprisingly good nightlife options in Ghana – so long as visitors are not expecting anything too wild. It is important to keep in mind that this is a conservatively Christian country, so public displays of drunkenness can lead to serious consequences. Some of the best nightlife options in Ghana include those listed below;
Nightlife in Accra
The best nightlife is located in the capital city Accra. Most tourists and expats will end up in Oxford Street in the evenings but there are also some good options on Labadi Beach. Oxford Street is in the Osu part of the town, which is where some of the best restaurants are to be found as well – you will also find western outlets like KFC. The best nightclub in the city at the moment is probably Citizen Kofi.
Nightlife in Cape Coast
Most of the best nightlife on the Cape Coast is located close to the beach. If visitors are looking for something a bit trendy, they might like to try Oasis Beach Resort. They have a nice cocktail selection here and the prices are fairly reasonable. There are also plenty of drinking establishments elsewhere on the beach. Things tend to liven up later in the evening, with many bars playing loud music.
Nightlife in Kumasi
If visitors are determined to enjoy all the best nightlife that Ghana has to offer, they will not want to miss out on Kumasi. This is the second largest city in the country but it is second to none when it comes to entertainment after dark. All of the best nightclubs and bars are found around Bantama. One of the best nightclubs in the area is Genesis.