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Health & Safety in Ghana
The vast majority of visitors to Ghana will not run into any real difficulties during their stay. There is potential for trouble though, so it is important that people are aware of the dangers and take adequate precautions. Below are just some of the things tourists need to be particularly careful about when visiting this country;
Crime in Ghana
Theft can be a problem in Ghana, so it is vital that you take adequate precautions to protect your belongings. Sometimes these crimes are committed using violence, but most of time it will be opportunistic pickpockets. It is highly recommended that you avoid carrying around large sums of money. It will be best to keep most of your money in a secure safe – so long as you trust the hotel. It is also best to avoid carrying around expensive digital equipment or wearing expensive jewellery.
Terrorism in Ghana
There is a risk of terror attacks in Ghana, and these could be directed against tourists. The country has been involved in a conflict with Mali, and there are fears that there will be retaliatory attacks due to this. There can also be a high level of civil unrest in the country, so care does need to be taken.
Healthcare in Ghana
There are adequate healthcare provisions in the main cities in Ghana, but the facilities can be very limited in rural areas. It is vital that anyone who is travelling in this part of the world has adequate travel insurance that will cover his or her healthcare needs.
Laws of Ghana
The laws of Ghana differ a great deal from other parts of the world. Homosexuality is illegal here; it is also dangerous to be affectionate in public; crimes involving the use of drugs can mean serious consequences.