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Ghana Climate
Ghana is located in West Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea. It has a coastline of 560 kilometres and a land mass of 238,535 square kilometres. Overall, the climate of Ghana can be described as tropical, but there are noticeable differences depending on the part of the country you are in. It is hot all year round but there can be a great deal of rainfall during the rainy season – there is high humidity at this time of year as well.
For the sake of convenience, it is possible to divide Ghana into the following climate zones:
South Western Ghana
South Western Ghana has a climate that differs from the rest of the country. There tends to be a lot more rain here, so it could be described as a rainy tropical climate. This rain tends to be spread over the full year, not just limited to the rainy season.
The Boreal Zone
This is a sub-arctic climate with long and very cold winters. The summer here is relatively short.
North of Ghana
The north of Ghana tends to be hotter than the rest of the country. Overall, this region has a dry tropical climate like most of the rest of the country. Unlike the rest of the country though, the north usually has two rainy seasons and not just one.
Rest of Ghana
The rest of Ghana has mostly a dry tropical climate. There is significantly less rain here than in the southwest of the country. During the rainy season, there will be abundant rainfall here but it tends to be dry for the rest of the year. The average daily temperature throughout the year is about 27 degrees Celsius.

Seasons in Ghana
Most of Ghana has two seasons:

  • Rainy season – April to October

  • Dry season – November to March

The north has an additional rainy season from September to November.