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Things to See & Do in Cape Coast
Cape Coast (aka Cabo Corso) is a popular tourist city and is the home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Traditionally, the main industry has been fishing but tourism is quickly becoming an important aspect of the local economy. A day or two in Cape Coast will be enough to see most of the main attractions – although it is a nice place so visitors may decide to stay a bit longer here.

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Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park is about 30 kilometres away from Cape Coast and most visitors to the city will be on their way to or from here. This huge park covers an area of 375 km, and it is mostly made up of rainforest. There are hundreds of animal species and plenty of interesting fauna to see here as well. One of the most interesting activities at Kakum National Park is the aerial walkways that allow visitors to explore the jungle canopy – this cannot be found anywhere else on the African continent.
Cape Coast Centre for National Culture

If visitors are interested in learning more about the local culture and history, the best place to go for this is the Cape Coast Centre for National Culture. This was one of the first cultural centres to be opened in Africa and it features exhibits not only focusing on Cape Coast but also the whole of Ghana.
Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle has a sinister past because it was once used as part of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Scandinavians originally built it back in the seventeenth century. Most of the original castle is no longer visible, but the British rebuilt it during the eighteenth century. It is a visually stunning location with ancient cannons still intact and facing out to the sea.
Party on the Beach
Most of the best bars in Cape Coast are located at the beach. It can get busy here at night time, with plenty of pumping music. There are also usually fire displays at key locations on the beach. If people are looking for something a bit more sedate, they can just sit on the beach and have some drinks and food brought to them.
Learn How to Cook Ghanaian Food

If you are looking to learn how to create the tasty local dishes, you will be able to get some cooking lessons here. This can also be a great way to learn about the local culture and meet some new people.

Shopping in Cape Coast

There are some nice markets and more modern stores in the city. There are also plenty of stalls and sellers on the beach.
Fetu Afahye Festival
The Fetu Afahye Festival is a local tradition and important for the Oguaa people. It takes place during September, and there are always plenty of interesting events to mark the occasion.