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Things to See & Do in Ghana
Ghana is arguably the most exciting country to visit in West Africa. The people here are known for being very friendly and welcoming to visitors. The tourist infrastructure is still in its early stages, but this can actually be a benefit because it means a more authentic experience. Some of the most exciting things to see and do in Ghana include those we have listed below;
Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park can be found close to the coast in Ghana. It is a large park that covers an area of 375 square kilometres; most of this area is covered by tropical rainforest. Visitors to the park can get to explore the jungle canopy by walking along specially designed aerial walkways (it is the only park in the whole of Africa that has this option). Kakum National Park opened to tourists in 1997 and it has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. There are hundreds of animal species in the park and there are believed to be many more that have not yet been discovered.
Lake Volta
Lake Volta is another of the tourist attractions that is not to be missed. This is the largest reservoir of water in the world and its surface covers an area of over 8,500 square kilometres. All of Lake Volta is within the border of Ghana. Most of the electricity for the county is generated here. It has also become a very popular tourist attraction because of its beautiful location and warm waters. Visitors to Lake Volta should make the time to visit the island of Dodi, which is the largest island in the lake.
Busua Beach
Busua Beach is one of the most popular resort areas in Ghana. In the last few years, many new resorts have opened in this area. There has also been an increase in the number of entertainment options. There is even now a large shopping centre in the area. The beach itself is made up of inviting white sand and the local waters are warm and inviting. There tends to be a high number of French visitors to this beach, so there are some nice French restaurants.
The village of Nzulezo is currently being considered for a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located on Lake Tadane and many of the houses in the village are built on stilts that overhang the lake. The local people tend to get around by small boat, and this is the best way for foreign visitors to explore the area. There are also some other interesting attractions for tourists to enjoy around Lake Tadane.
Kumasi is a city close to Lake Bosumtwi in South Ghana. This was once the capital of the country, and it is still a very important urban area. There has been a settlement in this area from at least the Neolithic age. There are many interesting to see and do in this city, so it is worth spending a day or two here.