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Sports in Ghana
The athletes of Ghana excel in a number of sports, and this is one of the most respected sporting nations on the African continent. The most popular sport by far is football, but they also enjoy cricket and rugby. Some of the sports and activities that visitors to the country are most likely to engage in during their stay include those listed below;
Scuba Diving in Ghana
Scuba diving is possible all year round in Ghana – although visibility can be poor during the rainy season. Some of the best dive sites are located off Miemia Bay. The marine life here is abundant, and there is plenty of interesting coral to enjoy. A number of dive shops around Miemia Bay will be able to provide PADI training for new divers or anyone looking to improve their skills.
Swimming in Ghana
The waters off Ghana are nice and warm so swimming is definitely one of the activities that visitors will usually like to partake in; there are plenty of great beaches from which to choose. It is important to always be aware of the local conditions and any possible dangers. The lifeguard services in Ghana are very limited, and it is best to ask the locals about any dangerous undercurrent or other threats.
Kite Surfing
Kite surfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, and visitors to Ghana can get to experience this adrenalin-rich activity when they visit Labadi Beach. It is possible to just rent the equipment, but if you have never kite surfed before, it will be necessary to take some lessons. This does not have to be too expensive. Most people will be confident enough to go out on their own with a kite surf kit after about 10 hours of lessons.