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Things to See & Do in Accra
Most visitors to Ghana will usually spend a day or two in the capital city of Accra. There are over four million people living in greater Accra, making it one of the largest cities in the whole of the African continent. Despite its size, this can actually be a fairly tourist-friendly place to visit. It is generally considered a safe city, although care should always be taken to avoid being a target of crime, so stay alert.

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Osu Castle
Osu Castle is one of the most impressive buildings in Accra. The Danes built it during the seventeenth century. It is now the seat of government but for a dark period of the history of Ghana the castle was used to house slaves before they were shipped off around the world. Visitors to Osu castle are not allowed to take pictures but postcards are available to buy outside. The castle is ideally placed on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach is close to Accra and is where tourists to the city will spend most of their time. Some of the best hotels and restaurants in the country are located here, but there are also plenty of options for those of us on a tight budget. It can get really busy on the beach, but it is an exciting place to spend some time.
Ghana National Museum

The National Museum is nicely laid out, being the place to go if you want to find out more about the history and culture of the local people. This museum is full of many different types of exhibit including prehistoric artefacts, paintings, clothing, and tools.
Shop in the Local Markets
There are some excellent markets in Accra and you will find almost every type of item on sale. It is definitely possible to pick up some great deals if you know how to haggle. The markets are located beside modern shops and department stores, so this really can be a great place to go shopping.
Enjoy the Nightlife

The best bars and clubs in the city are found around Oxford Street – this is close to Osu Castle. Many of the bars cater mainly to expats and tourists but there are also plenty of other places where you will find a mixed crowd. There are new bars and clubs opening up here all the time.

Go Karting

There is a Go Karting track at Labadi Beach called The La Raceway. An entertainment centre surrounds it, so this can be a pleasant place to spend a few hours.
Homowo Festival
The most important festival in Accra takes place every September. The Homowo is a harvest festival and it lasts for about three weeks. There are many special events occurring to mark the occasion, so this can be a good time to visit the city.