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Egypt Visas & Passports
Egypt depends on tourism because it adds a great deal of money to the local economy; because of this, the Egyptian government does try to make tourists feel welcome. The visa regulations are straightforward so long as people are coming for a holiday. Most foreign visitors are able to obtain a visa on arrival, and this is usually valid for three months. People who are travelling from the US or EU to any of the main resort towns for less than 14 days will be given a stamp upon arrival. The visa requirements for Egypt change all the time, so it is recommended to check with the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate before travel.

Most visitors (excluding those from the US or EU) must register with the local police within one week of their arrival in Egypt. Hotels usually do this for their visitors, so it should not be something that tourists have to worry about too much.

It is often better for tourists to apply for a visa before they arrive in the country. The type of visa they need to apply for will depend on their reason for visiting. The three most common visas available for Egypt are:

  • A tourist visit allows visitors to stay in Egypt for up to three months. It is possible to make multiple entries into Egypt during this three-month period. It is illegal for tourists to do any type of paid work with this visa.

  • The entry visa is for purposes other than tourism such as working or going to college in Egypt.

  • The transit visa is for people who are just travelling through Egypt on their way to another country.

All tourists arriving in Egypt must have a valid passport. This needs to be valid for at least the duration of the trip.