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Travel to Egypt
Egypt is located on two continents - Asia and Africa. There are a number of options for visitors who wish to travel to this part of the world. These would include those we have listed below;
Travel to Egypt by Plane
There are eight international airports in Egypt, but the one that most visitors will arrive at is Cairo International Airport - over 16 million passengers pass through this airport each year. Cairo International Airport is located to the northeast of the city, and it is approximately 15km from the city centre. Airlines that fly here include:

  • British Airways

  • Air France

  • Swiss Air

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Singapore Airlines

  • Lufthansa

  • Kuwait Airlines

  • Aeroflot

  • Alitalia

  • Austria Airlines

  • Cyprus Airways

  • Emirates

  • Etihad Airlines

  • Gulf Air

  • KLM

  • Oman Air

The cheapest time of year to fly to Egypt is from October to May. The nice thing about travelling here at this time of year is that the temperatures will be lower and the climate will therefore be more bearable.
Travel to Egypt by Boat
It is possible to sail to Egypt from a number of countries including Jordan, Sudan, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. The boat from Jordan comes from Aqaba, which is in the extreme south of the country (this is the only port in Jordan). The boat from Sudan comes from Wadi Haifa, which is on the shores of Lake Nasser. The Italian boat service goes from Venice to Alexandria - this is currently (early 2013) suspended due to the political situation in Egypt.
Travel to Egypt by Bus
There are a number of options for tourists who wish to travel to Egypt by bus, including:

  • There is a regular bus service between Amman in Jordan and Cairo. The journey time is 19 hours, and the Jordanian State Bus Company runs the bus.

  • It is possible to travel to Egypt by bus from Israel (from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem).