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Travel around Egypt
The Egyptian transportation infrastructure is mostly focused around the Nile area, as this is where the majority of the population are located. There is currently about 21,000 miles of road network, as well as 25,400 miles of rail line. The best options for getting around the country have been listed below;
Travel around Egypt by Plane
The domestic airway service in Egypt is relatively good, and it is possible to fly to most of the main tourist destinations. The main carrier for these routes is Egypt Air. You can pick up the best flight deals by going online, but of course, it is vital to make sure that the agent selling the tickets is legitimate and that the website can be trusted.
Egypt Bus Travel
There is a relatively extensive network of buses in Egypt but this is considered a fairly dangerous way to travel. The problem is that the roads are not that safe, and the bus drivers tend to drive at breakneck speeds. There have been a number of bus crashes in recent years and over one hundred people have died because of these. It is best to stick to those bus services that do not have a reputation for cutting corners. It is also recommended that tourists avoid purchasing bus tickets from touts (they hang around tourist attractions and hotels) as not only are these tickets often overpriced but they are also for services where passenger safety is not too much of a concern.
Travel by Train
The most popular way to travel around Egypt is by rail. This is relatively cheap but the trains can get very crowded. One of the most frustrating things about going by train is that there can be very long queues outside of the ticket booths for the more popular destinations. Currently, there are also restrictions on the trains that tourists can use. The best way to avoid any hassle is to buy train tickets through a travel agent - this will cost a bit more but it will probably be worth it. Travelling first class is not that much more expensive than a regular ticket, and this is recommended as the added comfort will make the train journey far more pleasant. All the main cities and towns in Egypt can be reached by rail.
By Taxi
Taxis are much cheaper in Egypt than they are in most western countries, and this means that they can be a good option for travelling long distances - especially if there are a few people going and they can share the fare. If passengers are going to be travelling in a non-metered taxi, it is important that they agree on a price before setting off.
Travel by Boat
It is possible to travel short distances in Egypt by boat, and this can be a particularly pleasant way to get around. You could get a boat from Sharm-El-Sheikh to Hurghada (another resort area on the Red Sea) - the journey time for this is 90 minutes.