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Egypt Nightlife
The Egyptians have an uneasy relationship with alcohol, and public displays of drunkenness are a definitely out. Alcoholic drinks are sold legally, but they are forbidden for strict Muslims. The locals tend to turn a blind eye to foreign visitors who are drinking alcohol - the only exception to this is during Ramadan when all alcoholic consumption is forbidden in the country, with the exception of special venues that are only open to westerners.
Nightlife in Cairo
Some of the best nightlife options in Egypt are in Cairo. There are plenty of bars and clubs to here, and these offer different levels of sophistication and trendiness. Some of the nicest venues are on the rooftops, and this can mean that tourists get to enjoy some splendid views of the city landscape along with their drinks. There are also many restaurants in the city, selling every type of food imaginable. The city cafes can also be a great place to spend the evening.
Nightlife in Luxor
Luxor has a surprisingly good number of nightlife options, but most visitors to the city will tend to need an early night as they will have spent the day seeing the sights. Most hotels will provide entertainment in the evening, and there is a good selection of bars and clubs to choose from if people have the energy.
Nightlife in Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh is the main resort area in Egypt, so there are plenty of good options here for people who are looking for a bit of nightlife. Alcoholic drinks are relatively expensive here and the bars are usually very stylish and comfortable. It is recommended that people ask to see the drink menu so that they can see the prices before they order.