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Things to See & Do in Luxor
Most visitors to Egypt will spend at least a day or two in Luxor. This is a relatively small city, but it is popular because of its closeness to the Valley of the Kings. Travellers tend to find that Luxor is a bit more expensive than other parts of Egypt, so those who are on a tight budget will only hang around for a short while.

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Visit the Valley of the Kings
The main reason for why most visitors will arrive in Luxor is so that they can visit the Valley of the Kings. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of tombs that were built thousands of years ago to house the bodies of dead pharaohs. Altogether, there have been 63 tombs found, and 18 of these are open to the public.
Visit the Valley of the Queens

The Central Park is the heart of Orange Walk, and this is a nice place to visit in the early morning or evening. All of the city's tourist attractions are in easy reach of the park.
Luxor Temple

The Luxor Temple actually refers to a complex of temples that includes Karnak. These are all located near to the River Nile on the east bank. Most of these temples were built around 1400 BC. This area is floodlit at night, so this can be a particularly good time to visit.
Tour the City on a Bike
Luxor can be a nice city to see from the back of a bike. It does get very hot during the middle of the day, so the best time to go cycling would be in the late afternoon or early morning. It is possible to go on bicycle tours of the Luxor Temple, and this is well worth doing.
Go for a Camel Ride

Luxor is a good place to experiment with riding a camel. There are a number of companies offering camel ride tours and these can be of different durations - anywhere from an hour to a day or more. If people are feeling a bit less adventurous, they will be able to hire a horse or a donkey.

See Luxor from the Sky

One of the best ways to see Luxor and the Valley of the Kings is from a hot air balloon. This can be a bit expensive, but it will be well worth it if people can afford it. Going over the Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon at sunset is the type of experience never to be forgotten. These rides usually last for 40 minutes and it is good to book in advance if you want to go at sunset.
Luxor Spring Festival
The Luxor Spring Festival takes place in April. It includes a variety of musical performances include modern and traditional as well as cultural performances. There are also parties in the evenings to mark the occasion.