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Health & Safety in Egypt
Most visitors to Egypt will have a great time and will not run into any real difficulties. There has been a great deal of political unrest here in recent years though, so it is vital to check out the current situation before travelling to the country. Egypt is a generally a very conservative Muslim country, and it is important to keep this in mind when travelling here and interacting with local people.
Political Unrest in Egypt
There has been a great deal of political unrest in Egypt in recent years, and there are still signs that the country has yet to return to full stability. Tourists are advised to keep away from North Sinai, as there is a high level of terrorist activity in this area. The Egyptian government is doing all it can to keep tourists safe in the tourist areas, but there are fears that tourists may be viewed as too tempting a target for terrorists to ignore. Political demonstrations in the cities have turned violent, and it is important that tourists who are visiting the country keep away from any protests.
Crime in Egypt
There can be a good deal of crime in places like Cairo. It is important to keep an eye on belongings, and not flaunt things like expensive mobile devices. The pickpockets can be highly skilled, so it may be a good idea to keep money in a waist belt or some other hidden compartment.
Healthcare in Egypt
The Egyptian healthcare system is relatively good. The hospitals in Cairo are of a similar level to what is found in other westernised countries. The government has put a good deal of effort into ensuring that the health care system has been modernised.