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Sports in Egypt
The people of Egypt have a long history of playing sports, and examples of this can found on monument inscriptions from the early Egyptian period. Playing or watching sports is still very much a part of the local culture. It can be nice for tourists to engage in a bit of competition during their stay and even just watching can be fun. The most popular sporting activities in Egypt have been listed below;
Football is the sport that Egyptians love the most, and this is a favourite conversation with visitors to the country. The locals are very knowledgeable about football teams from elsewhere in the world, particularly Europe, and they will usually be interested to hear about the team a tourist supports. The Egyptian Premier League is very well supported and crowds will gather to watch all the matches shown on TV. The most famous local team is Al- Ahly.
Roller Hockey
Roller hockey has also become surprising popular in Egypt. This is similar to ice hockey but it uses roller skates and there is no ice. Egypt has performed well in international roller hockey events, and they have 10 local teams.
Swimming is a sport that the local people enjoy competitively and just for relaxation. Swimming in the sea is very popular, and there are some great swimming pools in the main tourist resorts and cities. Visitors to Egypt will usually find that there are plenty of opportunities for swimming during their trip.
Surfing in Egypt
It is only in more recent times that the Egyptians have become interested in surfing. The local conditions can be excellent for this activity, as the coast is long with plenty of wind.