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Adventure Activities in Egypt
The land of Egypt has always acted like a magnet to the more adventurous traveller. There have been so many movies that have used this country as a backdrop for exciting exploits that it has been firmly placed in our imaginations as a place of adventure. Some of the activities that people can enjoy during their stay have been listed below;
Quad Biking Through the Desert
Quad bikes are built to manage all different types of terrain, and they can be great fun to drive. This vehicle is perfect for desert conditions, and this is why going on a quad biking tour can be an excellent way to explore the country. It doesn't take long learning to use these machines, and it only takes a few minutes of practice before people will be ready to tackle the desert. Most tours last about two hours, but it is also possible to go on much longer excursions.
Trekking in Egypt
There are a number of excellent trails to choose from in Egypt, and these can be both challenging and an excellent way to get to experience the local terrain right up close. One of the most well known treks is at Mount Sinai. It is possible to reach the summit in about four hours and the best time to make this trip is at sunrise or sunset. Mount Catherine is another good option for trekking enthusiasts, but this can take a full day to ascend and descend.
Kite Surfing in Sharm El Sheik
Kite surfing has become one of the fastest growing water adventure activities in the world, and one of nicest places to try this out is at Sharm El Sheik. It does take a few lessons to get the hang of things but after that, it is plain sailing.