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Travel around Botswana
The roads in Botswana can get a bit chaotic, but it is possible to get to most places fairly easily. The problem can be to get to where you want to go because street names and other landmarks are rarely used by local people for navigation. There is no real postal delivery system to addresses, so the idea of having an exact address is not that popular. The options for travelling around Botswana would include those listed below;
Travel around Botswana by Train
The domestic train service was suspended in Botswana in 2009, and it is unclear whether it will be resumed anytime soon.
Botswana Bus Travel
The bus service in the country is relatively good and all the main towns and tourist destinations are covered. The main bus company serving tourists is Seabalo, and they have a good network of routes to choose from. This is a cheap way to travel the country, and it is fairly comfortable on most routes of a short distance.
Botswana Car Hire
Most of the roads in Botswana are in good condition, but there are plenty of roads that are not so great - they are full of potholes. There are a number of motorways crossing the country, and the surface on these roads is generally very good. The one thing about driving in this part of the world is that it is vital that people drive defensively. It is fairly common for large wild animals, or even domesticated animals such as cows, to wander into the middle of the road, and if people are not prepared for this they could end up in real trouble - especially if something like an elephant has wandered into the middle of the road.

Hiring a car in this part of the world is relatively easy. It is possible to do this in places like Gaborone and Francistown, and this gives visitors a good deal of freedom. It is probably best to hire something that has four-wheel drive if intending to drive anywhere other than the main motorways and inside the cities.
Travel around Botswana by Motorbike
It is possible to hire a motorbike in many of the main tourist areas, and this can be another good way of getting around. It is important to always ride defensively, and to make sure that any motorbike is in good condition before embarking on a long trip. It is also probably best to only hire a motorbike if confident enough with riding this type of vehicle.
Travel by Bicycle
Hiring a bicycle is a good option for small cities like Francistown, but this is not such a comfortable experience during the hot times of the year.
Hitchhiking in Botswana
Hitchhiking is fairly common in Botswana, and it can be a cheap way to explore the country. The locals will be familiar with seeing people trying to hitch a lift, and it usually does not take long to be offered one. There are dangers associated with accepting a lift with a stranger, but there are not many reports of travellers getting into trouble while doing this.