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Botswana Nightlife
It is probably not the nightlife that attracts most visitors to Botswana, but there are some great options for entertainment once the sun goes down. Cities like Gaborone and Francistown are the best options if people are looking for bars, restaurants, and clubs - there are nightlife options elsewhere in Botswana, but these are usually far more sedate.
Nightlife in Gaborone
Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana, and it offers the best options when it comes to nightlife. The selection of international restaurants in Gaborone is very impressive, and it is said to be one of the best destinations in the whole of the African continent for dining. There are restaurants serving cuisine from every corner of the globe, and there is something so suit almost every taste budget. The clubs and bars are similar to what can be found in other international cities - including things like Irish Bars. There are also a number of casinos in the city, and these are very popular with the locals. There is really no reason for why tourists cannot party like crazy during their stay in Gaborone.
Nightlife in Francistown
Francistown is the second largest city, and the capital city of Northern Botswana. There are some good options for night owls here, but this is a sleepy kind of city with only a relatively modest number of options when it comes to bars and nightlife. There is a nice coffee shop scene in Francistown, and people who are camping in the nearby national park will usually have fun gatherings at night time. There are some nice restaurants in the city, and there is something to suit different tastes and budgets. One of the nice things about the local bars is that there is a good mix of tourists and locals - it is all very friendly.