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Health & Safety in Botswana
Botswana is a relatively safe place to visit, and most tourists will enjoy a trouble-free holiday in this part of the world. The local people tend to be very friendly and welcoming, and English is the official language of the country so communication is easy. Attacks against tourists are very rare but there have been reports of thefts and other minor crimes. Tourists are expected to have some form of identification with them at all times (usually a passport), and if they are unable to provide this when asked by police, it may mean a day of hassle.
Road Safety in Botswana
Botswana has a poor record for road safety, and there are many deaths each year related to road accidents. Some of the roads are in poor condition but one of the major causes of accidents is wild animals walking into the middle of the road. There are also many road users who fail to follow the rules of the roads. If tourists intend to drive in Botswana, it is vital that they do so defensively. They need to be on the alert for large animals walking into the road.
Terrorism in Botswana
The risk of terrorist attack in Botswana is considered low. Crimes such as hijacking and kidnap are rare.
Crime in Botswana
There is a small risk of petty crime in Botswana. It is important that people stay alert and keep an eye on their belongings. If people go around expecting to be mugged, they are paranoid, but if they completely ignore this possibility, they are being a bit reckless. When staying in hotels it is best to keep belongings in a safe.
Malaria is a risk in this part of the world and tourists should take the necessary precautions.