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Things to See & Do in Francistown
Francistown is the second largest city in Botswana, and it is a common stopping-off point for visitors to the country. It is located in the north - about 250 miles from Gaborone. This area was home to a gold rush near the end of the nineteenth century, and there are many abandoned mines surrounding the town.

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Tachila Nature Reserve
Tachila Nature Reserve is approximately 5 km outside of the city, and it covers an area of about 8,000 hectares. The aim of this nature reserve has always been to preserve the local natural heritage - something that has not really happened to the same extent with other cities in Botswana. This park is open to everyone and it is possible to camp here or stay in a nearby resort. There are a number of decent restaurants to choose from inside of the park area.
Supa Ngwao Museum

This museum is dedicated to the history and culture of the Kalanga people. It also has exhibits focusing on the history of Francistown as well as Botswana in general. Supa Ngwao museum is located on New Maun Road, and it is definitely the place to visit if tourists wish to know more about the local people. Many of the exhibits involve photos, and they are very interesting.
The Ruins at Domboshaba

The ruins at Domboshaba are believed to date back to the Iron Age. These ruins are located about 50 km to the north of the city, and the whole site covers about 8 hectares. It can take a bit of time to walk around all of the ruins, and there are many other interesting things to see in the local area.
Visit a Cafe
One of the things that people will notice when they visit Francistown is that there seems to be many cafes. This reflects the laid-back attitude of people in this part of world, where taking time to sit down with a nice brew is of utmost importance. Many of these cafes will have air conditioning, so they can be a good option when people are trying to escape the heat of the sun.
Go Camping

The nearby Tachila Nature Reserve is a great option if you want to do some camping. It will be possible to hire all the equipment you need in the city, and this can save you some money on accommodation during your stay. The nature reserve is close enough to the city that people can stay in the wild at night but drop into town when they desire any urban comforts.
Francistown Music Festival
The first Francistown Music Festival took place in May 2012 and there are now plans for this event to occur more regularly. Some of the top names in the Botswana music scene appeared at this festival, so it is certainly an exciting time in the city.