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Sports in Botswana
Visitors to Botswana should have no problem finding interesting things to see and do. One of the nicest ways to get to know the country, and to experience some excitement, is to engage in some sporting activities. There are plenty of great opportunities for this in Botswana including those listed below;
Play Some Volleyball
One of the most popular sports in this part of the world is volleyball. It is played at professional as well as amateur level. Visitors to the country are usually encouraged to join in the fun, but they shouldn't be surprised to find that the local players are highly skilled at the game.
Play Golf
There are a good number of golf courses in Botswana and visitors are always welcome to try a few holes. Most of these courses are of an international standard, and the green fees are very reasonable. Some of the best courses in the country are around the capital city - Gaborone. It is nearly always possible to hire golf equipment from the clubhouse and hiring a cart and caddy is relatively cheap.
Play Some Football
Football is another much-loved sport in the country, and there are matches going on everywhere. Joining the locals for a kick around can be a nice way to make some new friends, and the locals are usually delighted to match their skills against a foreigner.
Cycling in Botswana
Cycling has become extremely popular in Botswana in recent years for a number of reasons; it is a great way to explore the country, it keeps people physically in good shape, and it offers the opportunity to compete. Most hotels will be able to arrange the hire of a bicycle, and it is possible to go on bicycle tours.