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Adventure Activities in Botswana
Botswana offers some of the most interesting terrain and wildlife in Africa. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking for adventure. It is possible to go on specific adventure type tours of the country, but there are also plenty of adventure activities that people can enjoy during their stay. Some of these are listed below;
Go on Safari
Most foreign visitors to Botswana will go on some type of wildlife tour. This is an excellent way to get to see the local wildlife up close and personal. The benefit of going on an organised tour like this is that it increases the likelihood of seeing something impressive, and it is much safer than trying to tackle these destinations alone. In fact, it will only be possible to visit many of these areas as part of an organised safari.
Go on an Elephant Ride
Travelling by elephant is not a good option if you are in a rush to get somewhere, but it is an excellent way to explore the jungle in Botswana. Most of these elephant trekking tours will only involve travelling on the back of one of these beasts for an hour at a time. This is usually enough for most people as it can become a bit uncomfortable after a while.
Horseback Riding Through the Delta
Another interesting adventure activity that involves riding on the back of an animal is to go horseback riding through the Botswana Delta region. Even people who have never ridden by horseback before should find it easy to pick up, and they will get to see far more of the local terrain by travelling this way.
Rock Climbing in Botswana
There are a few good options for people who wish to try some rock climbing during their stay in Botswana. The country is mostly flat, but there are some challenging hills to climb.