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5 Tips for Base Camping in Spiti Valley


1. Put off campfire with zero ambers

Campfire is a memorial moment for campers. It is a moment when all the persons sit near by with each other and shares their thought randomly. If you are doing campfire inĀ  Spiti valley then please ensure that you don't light at places where there are grassed in the vicinity. You should also ensure that you put the fire off entirely before you leave the campsite.

2. Stay warm and hydrated

Spiti valley is known for adventure so it is nesecessory that you stay warm and hyderated. Acclimatization does play a critical role in camping here too. Here, Camping can be done almost anywhere and Manali to Kaza is a perfect example for it. Traveling from Kinnaur to Spiti, Staying warm and being well hydrated will surely help you acclimatize.

3. Keep your hands clean and carry a filter water bottle

You should always carry a hand sanitizer with you to keep your hand clean. You should carry a filter water bottle will help you to keep distance from Infections. You may make your adventure experience a little more by doing these things.

4. Carry the essentials

If you are planning to Allahabad to Lahaul and Spiti packages for campingĀ  then you should carry the essentials which can increase your camping experience. It is always better to carry first aid, Medicines, Knife, flint and mosquito repellent when are you are camping here. You should have enough food for few buffer days.

5. Leave nothing but footprints

When you are leaving this place then please never litter in the Himalayas and never disturb flora and fauna. Spiti valley and its near by places are eco- sensitive zones. You should enjoy this places but also remember that you should have not make any harm to nature.