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[font=Lato, serif]Exclusive Square White Marble Chess Table is fully handmade inlaid with the different types of semiprecious stones. The semiprecious stone inlaid into the table top are Black Onyx, Carnelian, Malachite and Paua Shell. The handmade Square White [/font][font=Lato, serif]marble chess table[/font][font=Lato, serif] is made by artisan ILyas. The white marble is from makrana it is the same place where we got the marble for the Taj Mahal in Agra India. The manufacturing time of table top is appx. 1 months. The size of the table top is 18 x 18 inch.[/font] [font="Times New Roman", serif]We are the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of various marble inlay products in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble chess board[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]  and  [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif] marble chess set[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif] with inlaid marble  art Design[/font][font=Lato, serif] .[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]We are providing you to a marble handicrafts online portal from you can easily buy marble inlay jewelry box or indian [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble jewelry box[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]. It is fully handmade. Various types of strong real gemstones [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif] inlaid jewelry box[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif] . Available in different-different size, shape and design. [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble cheese board[/font] [font="Times New Roman", serif]or cheese cutting board or cheese chopping board is a part of kitchen accessories. All marble handicrafts are fully handmade and inlaid real strong semi precious gemstones. Marble cheese platter can also be used as a serving tray.[/font] [font="Times New Roman", serif]white marble coasters[/font] [font="Times New Roman", serif]set are made of natural indian marble fully hand carved & then hand inlaid with semiprecious stones. This item is not only coasters. It is a piece of art which you will enjoy using them at your beautiful home all the time. Artefactindia is a marble handicraft items online store which provide you to buy [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble top coffee table[/font] [font="Times New Roman", serif]or marble inlay coffee table is fully handmade inlaid with the different-different types of semiprecious stones and available in different-different shape like round, octagonal, square etc.  Artefactindia is an online store of marble handicrafts from where you can easily buy online marble inlay tray or [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble serving tray[/font] [font="Times New Roman", serif]   or [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble fruit bowl[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif] for your home decoration. All handicrafts are fully handmade.  Artefactindia is an online e-commerce portal of marble inlay handicrafts form where you can buy [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]marble candle holders[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif] and [/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]mother of pearl box[/font][font="Times New Roman", serif]   and more Marble Decorating art designed by handmade online or marble decorative bowl with easy step. There are all products fully handmade.   [/font]