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Taking a Break from the Madness of Birmingham this Autumn


It has been well documented that living in a city without access to open spaces can be bad for your health. Those who live in Birmingham are lucky because they city has a number of well-kept parks that can give some kind of respite from urban life. However, we all know that this only goes so far in recharging your batteries and giving you a break from the city. The last few months have been a real struggle for everyone on a number of different levels. If you want a little bit of respite from the city without the hassle of a full-on holiday, here are some ideas to try.
Take a Day Trip to Stratford-upon-Avon
The home of William Shakespeare himself is a place that is well worth visiting if you get the chance. The town normally sees an influx of international visitors throughout the summer months, but recent circumstances have curbed this somewhat. The town is a beautiful place to take a day trip as many of the views along the iconic river have remained relatively unchanged since the time of the Bard. Be sure to check up on the availability of the most popular things to do before you book your trip.
Book a Night Away in Sutton Coldfield
The town of Royal Sutton Coldfield lies only a few miles from the bustling metropolitan centre of Birmingham, but feels like an island of calm, when compared with the nearby city. If you want to quickly escape Birmingham, even for just one night, there is no better place to go for a luxury escape than the Belfry Hotel. This 4-star resort boasts spa facilities, a world-class golf course, and a restaurant. If you want pure escapism, this is the place to be!
Try Hiking in the Malvern Hills
There are a number of areas in the area surrounding Birmingham that lend themselves well to walking and hiking. When people are looking to get out the city centre, they might look to a place like Cannock Chase. If you want to avoid the crowds, try looking a little further afield to the likes of somewhere like the Malvern Hills. Lying some 15 miles to the South, beyond Worcester, you will find a multitude of different walks and trails you can enjoy and use to reconnect with nature.
Cycle the Clent Hills
A lot of people have recently taken up cycling as a means of getting fit. It’s easy to see why jumping on your bike is appealing, as Birmingham is lucky enough to have lots of cycling infrastructure and routes to try out. The Clent Hills circuit takes you all the way to the Four Stones and offers stunning views of the Frankly reservoir. The route is about 30 miles all in and requires a good level of fitness to tackle some of the steepest points. It still makes for a great day out and takes out away from the middle of the city.
While Birmingham is a lovely city to live in, it’s only natural that you should feel the need to take a break from it once in a while. Try some of the suggestions we have outlined above to recharge your batteries in the stunning areas that surround the city.