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6 Amazing Road Trips To Explore Australia’s Finest Places


The best way to explore Australia is to simply hire a campervan and take your basic necessities and head towards having an excellent road trip to the most adventurous places of Australia. The Aussies are one of the most adventurous people who enjoy their road trips in their campervans and take out their time to enjoy the nature to the fullest.

Australia is full of wonderful places that have diversity in cultures, people, lifestyle, animals and a lot more. If you have holidays, then just while away your precious time in exploring some of the interesting places around Australia. There are lots of amazing places that will enrich you with new experiences and learnings. You just have to gather accurate information about the places you want to travel by your campervan. We will discuss here, few such interesting places that will give you the best road trip experiences of your life.


This highway got its name from the pioneer of this road trip John McDouall Stuart and it connects from Adelaide to Darwin. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory which lies on the coast. This road happens to be a lonely road with the scenery of mountains all around. You will discover the famous Flinders Ranges covered with the red rock in the central desert and huge valleys of the north. This road trip is around 3000 km which will lead you to Darwin through the heart of Australian districts that are remotely populated.

It is advisable that you travel this journey by road as it will give you the true Aussie spirit in the wonderful deserts of Australia. History says that this route was covered completely by a road trip by John McDouall Stuart and his team 150 years ago. So, in a way you feel like living the historical moments connected with this route.

The highlights of this road trip are Flinders Ranges, Uluru, Kings Canyon, Katherine Gorge.

The best time to take this trip is from the month of April to early October due to the cool climate conditions. The rest time of the year is usually rainy and stormy which is not good for taking a road trip. Moreover, if you want to enjoy your time at these places, you need to have at least 10 days on your hand.


It is an easy road trip to Tasmania from Melbourne which will give you amazing experiences of beaches and ocean road loops. If you are fond of beaches, then this will prove to be one of your best road trips to Tasmania. Also, this place reflects its history, culture, and wildlife.

To make this experience more memorable, it is important that you travel by road and explore this island as and when you please. Also, you will be able to discover those areas of Tasmania where public transport is prohibited. So, make the most of this trip and get amazing experiences.

The highlights of this place are Wineglass Bay, Port Arthur, Table Mountain, Hobart. December to April are the most favorable months to travel Tasmania. To enjoy to the fullest and with ease, you need to have at least 8 to 13 days.


Head yourself to the west to have an amazing road trip between Perth and Broome. You will be filled up with the experience of wonderful wilds of Australia. It will give you a soothing experience as it takes you through the coast to the road that heads to north through the valleys of Western Australia.

Wildlife such as dolphins in Monkey Mia and dive on the Ningaloo Reef, Karijini National Park, Shark Bay are few of the highlights of the trip before arriving in Broome.

The best time to take this trip is during the Spring season which will not be too hot or rainy either.

To enjoy this trip at ease, you need to have at least 12 days which can give you sufficient time to enjoy the trip with your family.


The road trip between Cairns to Brisbane is considered to be one of the most popular ones among the other road trip routes in Australia. This road trip goes along the coast through some of the famous highlights like Fraser Island, the Whitsundays, and Great Barrier Reef. The place offers some of the most interesting and adventurous sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, and rafting.

The best time to see Queensland is the Australian winter season. You should be requiring a minimum of two weeks to travel through this road trip to make it the most memorable one.


This drive can be an exciting one as it goes along the Australian’s southern coast to the plains through which it makes its way from Adelaide to Perth. The Nullarbor Plain falls on this route and being a huge area of barren land, it doesn’t have trees in its surrounding and you can’t find anything on this route for hundred of kilometers. On one of the 90-mile section of this road which is straight, you have to strain your eyes through the drive to keep it straight due to the dusty environment. On this route, you will get to see and enjoy at the places Cape Le Grand National Park which is famous for its beautiful beaches and Kalgoorlie for the gold panning.

The highlight of this route is the Nullarbor Plain which you can call an empty region will allow you to stop by and enjoy the weather just lying on your bonnet and gaze at the sky. The other highlights are Kalgoorlie, Cape Le Grand National Park, Wave Rock. It will be terribly bad to travel in summers so, undertake this trip somewhere between July and September which will be the best time to travel. It would be best if you have 10 days with you to enjoy this road trip to the fullest.


This route connects Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Brisbane. On the way from Brisbane to Sydney, you will pass through the beaches along the Pacific coast. You will get to see the beautiful rocks of Bouddi National Park and open beaches of Lennox Head and Bryon Bay where you will find the locals and travelers surfing with their surfboards. On the east coast drive that goes towards Antarctica, you can enjoy the famous humpback Whale trip. Among the other highlights, is the Hunter Valley that is famous for its vineyard wherein you can enjoy one sample glass of Chardonnay.

Take this trip during Spring or autumn to enjoy the nature at its best and you should spend a minimum of five days to enjoy this road trip to Sydney though you can extend it to 10 days to your convenience.

Australia is one of the finest countries where you will find the nature at its best, be it food, clothing, wildlife, or a variety of cultures. So, take time out of your busy schedules and explore some of the interesting places of this country and get life-changing experiences.