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Therefore we have brought to the list of 5 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Paris that you will likely to visit this enchanting city on france tourism.

1.  Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees

Throwing the enigma of sheer military power  and triumph this 164 foot monument of Arc de Triomphe is one of its kinds which  were commissioned by Emperor Napoleon I. The monument was built in the age when  the Emperors used to erected monuments in the honor of their names, ego and to  showcases their scale of their pride. A walk in this beautiful monument is  quite equal to that of the visit to Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

2.  Centre Pompidou and the Beaubourg Neighborhood

This is one of the most beautiful places in France and is considered as the cultural pulse of the city. This beautiful  modern art museum and cultural center was opened in 1877 in the honor of  country’s President Georges Pompidou. One of the major attractions of this  place is skeletal design which evokes bones and blood vessels which means  either loved or reviled. You will love the rooftop view of the city.

3.  Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

Located on the highest point of Paris, Sacre  Coeur and Montmartre is famous for its white dome which is sometime compared to  Meringue crowning in the city. This beautiful basilica was built in 1909 AD. It  is known for its gold mosaic interiors and terrace. An evening spent at this  monument is legendary.

4.  Boa Tour of the Seine River

A boat ride tour is always fascinating and  Paris is just the place for you if you love boat riding. The boat ride in Seine  River is quite unforgettable and essential. While being on your boat ride in  Seine River, you can also take a visit to major tourist attractions in Paris  such as Notre Dame, Eiffel tower and many more. This tour will also offer you  to see semi-hidden side of the city of love.

5.  Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Counted as the most poetic cemeteries in the  world, Pere Lachaise is famous for its various figures that are buried in here.  One of the most popular one is the “The Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison whose  tomb was visited by various fans on frequent basis. We suggest you to visit  this cemetery on a sunny day and climb on its summit. The eye catching view of  the crypt  will be surprisingly  beautiful.

All these places can be visited once you have  done with your french visa process. There  are many other places such as The Conciergerie, Chateaux de Pierrefonds,  Saint-Chappelle, Villa Savoye and many more that make your holidays memorable  and pleasing.