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7 Hotel Hacks You Should Know When Travelling


Anyone can book a hotel room, but not everybody can get a good deal and save some money for more travelling experience. Lodging can be stress-free if you planned it right, making your vacation more fun. Getting big discount or cheaper accommodation can be a big help on your travel anywhere.

In addition, it saves money and time. Below are some fun hacks to get the best of hotel deals from across the world:

Avoid paying cancellation fee
If you have an unforeseen plan or activity and you have to cancel your hotel booking, just give a call to the hotel and ask for a reschedule of your stay to a couple of weeks later. Call again the next day and your cancelled booking will be free of cost. 

Book directly with the hotel
Hotels today encourage customers to make direct bookings for the lowest possible rate compared to booking sites such as Expedia or Kayak. Now, if you have found a lower price than the hotel, you can call the hotel and there is possibility that it will honor that price. Aside from the cheapest price, hotels can give extras such as a free night or just gift card toward future travel. Keep in mind that these chains only grant loyalty points to travellers who book directly.

Always check on hidden extras
For the first timers in booking a hotel room, it is always advisable to check some hidden costs such as getting things/products on the mini-bar. Most of the hotels offer free tea and coffee but always check beforehand if you plan to get some food aside from the free coffee to avoid surprise bill when your stay has ended.

Request for clean room and comfy bed
If you want to have a clean room with new sheets and blanket, ask the reception in advance. Keep in mind that blankets are washed only once a week and the bed covers cleaned once a month. Along with the bed, ask for clean towels and linens. Always ask the reception if they can help you with housekeeping request.

Try to ask nicely for a room upgrade
Asking for a room upgrade comes with luck. Some hotel staff grants the guests request for room upgrade. First thing to keep in mind is ask politely and nicely. Another approach would be telling them some special event your are celebrating such as birthday. However, do this in a discreet manner and not in front of other guests to avoid chain reaction. There are occasion that a room upgrade is necessary when the guests are not satisfied with the room because of some problems such as view or noise. You may request the reception to view other available room and finally get a better one.

Book your flight and hotel room together
There is another trick you can use to save money when travelling. There are websites offering a pretty discount once you get a vacation package or just your flight and hotel together. They are not huge discounts but it can help in saving some funds for your wandering activity and can be put on other things such as food and souvenir.

Sign up for loyalty program
A lot of hotel chains such as Parramatta Hotels are offering loyalty program, where guests can earn rewards every time they stay at the hotel. These points can also be used to get some hotel freebies and room upgrade as well. Upon signing for the hotel’s membership program, it may help you in the near future in gaining special designation of VIP throughout your stay. Some of the perks for loyalty program include complimentary breakfast, even access to exclusive executive club lounges, and free Wi-Fi.