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Southwest Airlines is a low-cost airline that provides scheduled and charter services to more than 100 destinations in 40 states and five countries. Southwest Airlines Pet Policy allows passengers to travel with their pets in the cabin. This means that you can bring your dog with you on your flight.
Southwest Airlines Pet Policy
The Southwest Airlines Pet Policy states that you can take your pet on board. However, you can't bring more than one pet on the plane, and they won't allow your pet on the exit row. In addition, you can't bring your pet on a connecting flight.
You must also follow the airline's rules regarding carrying a pet. Below is information on Southwest's policies. If you plan to bring your dog or cat, you should follow their guidelines.
As per the airlines' pet policy, you can bring your dog or cat on board with you, but only one per flight. For the flight, you can carry a maximum of two pets per seat.
Moreover, you're only allowed to bring a single pet on board, and you have to keep the other one in a separate carrier. You'll have to pay $95 for each pet on Southwest. You can also take up to two pets with you.
When traveling on Southwest airlines, you can take your dog or cat in its carrier. The airline allows up to six pets per flight, but it's not permitted if your pet is older. Your pet can't sleep in your lap, but you can put it on the tray table. This is the only way to bring your pet aboard the airline.
NOTE: Additionally, you must be at least eight weeks old, and it must be non-disruptive.
Southwest Airlines Fees for Flying with Pets
You must first pay the Southwest Airlines Pet Fee to fly with your pet. This fee is $95 per pet each way. Unlike some airlines, Southwest does not require any formal documentation, and you need to provide a note from a veterinarian or other qualified person.
The airline will also ask for proof of vaccination or animal behaviour form. You can check in your pet up to two times on a single trip, so you should not worry about paying for two trips.
Other airlines charge extra for flying with pets.
For example, Southwest charges $95 per pet fare each way. For international travel, you must pay an additional $100. The pet fee can be paid in advance at the ticket counter or online so that you can guarantee your pet's spot on the flight. But you can also use a credit card to pay the fee, so you'll be able to avoid paying for the additional ticket.
If you're flying with your pet, you should consider the carrier. Most airlines won't allow your pet on the plane, so it's best to make sure you purchase a pet carrier that can fit under your seat.
However, if your pet is noisy or disruptive, you can't fly with your pet on a Southwest flight. If you choose to bring a dog or cat, you should remember that Southwest Airlines will not hold your connecting flight for you if it's disruptive.
Types of pets allowed on Southwest Airlines flights
Southwest Airlines allows small pets to travel with their owners, as long as they are in a carrier. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you and your pet must be able to stand up and turn around inside it. Southwest Airlines also has specific requirements for pets that are larger than 20 pounds.
Southwest Airlines allows customers traveling with small pets to purchase one seat for their animal. However, if the flight is full, you may be required to purchase an additional seat for your pet. This is true even if you’re not flying with any other passengers.
Southwest Airlines does not allow snakes, reptiles or ferrets on its flights because of safety concerns and regulations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Southwest Airlines allows the following animals to travel with you on your flight:

The following pets are not allowed:

Southwest Airlines Pet Reservations
You can make Southwest Airlines pet reservations online or at a booking centre/kiosk. You can also check in your pet at the ticket counter.
Regardless of whether you are checking your dog or cat, you will be required to pay $5 per pet, and the fee will not be carried over to future travel credit accounts. When you check in your pet, you should make sure that you bring a valid identification card for your pet.
If your pet is smaller than two pounds, you can take it on a plane with you. Otherwise, you must check it in as cargo. There is no maximum weight limit for small dogs or cats.
If your pet has a medical condition that requires special care, you can also bring your animal with you on your flight. It will cost around $95 each way, and you can pay the fee at the time of booking. This will ensure your pet's place on your flight.
You can also take your pet on board as long as it is not a service animal. There are no restrictions on the number of pets allowed in the cabin, but you must be sure to make reservations to guarantee yours.
You can call Southwest's reservations department to add a dog to your booking, but be aware that it is first-come-first-served. As soon as you know your travel plans, make sure to call the reservation department and let them know you're bringing your dog.
Southwest Airlines Pet in the Cabin
Southwest Airlines offers pet in-the-cabin service for a fee. This service is available for dogs, cats, and domestic ferrets. Southwest will not accept any other animal as a pet in the cabin.
This service is available between select cities, so be sure to check your route before trying to bring your pet on board. A pet carrier that meets size requirements can be checked at the gate when you arrive at your destination airport. If you have any questions about whether or not your pet will fit in their carrier, please contact the airline prior to booking your flight.
Airlines like Southwest do not allow pets to be placed under the seat in front of you because of potential injury from chewing on wires or from being crushed by passengers during turbulence. The airline also does not allow pets to sit on laps because it's too hot and uncomfortable for them during long flights. Pets are allowed to ride on top of overhead bins if they're able to climb up there themselves (and won't fall off).
Pets are welcome on all flights, but there are some restrictions:

Southwest allows pets to travel with their owners in the cabin, but only if the pet meets specific requirements.

Southwest Airlines Pets in Checked Baggage
All pets traveling in checked baggage must be accompanied by a kennel that meets the requirements of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The kennel must be leak-proof, ventilated on all four sides, and have an opening large enough for the pet to comfortably stand up, turn around and lie down. The kennel should also have handles for carrying it by hand and a secure latch.
Southwest Airlines accepts kennels that meet the following specifications:

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to carry pets in the cabin and in checked baggage, but they must meet certain requirements.
If you're traveling with a pet in the cabin, it must be smaller than 20 pounds and have a pet carrier that can be stowed under the seat in front of you. Your pet must also be able to remain in its carrier for the duration of the flight.
If you're traveling with a pet in checked baggage, it must weigh less than 20 pounds and be in a container that can fit underneath your seat or overhead bin. The container must be leakproof, escape-proof, and sturdy enough to protect your pet from being jostled during transit.
Southwest Airlines Pets Guidelines & Restrictions
Southwest Airlines is proud to be a pet-friendly airline. However, before you bring your pet on board with you, it's important to understand our policies.
Southwest Airlines welcomes pets on most of our flights. We have a few guidelines and restrictions that you should know about prior to booking your pet's ticket.
Pets must be able to fit comfortably in the aircraft cabin and must be carried on in the cabin or checked as baggage.
Pets are allowed in the cabin only if they are carried in an approved hard-sided or soft-sided kennel (no larger than 42” long by 27” wide by 21” high) with a leak-resistant bottom and secure fastening devices such as buckles, clips, or zip ties to hold the kennel door shut. The kennel must fit completely under the seat in front of you and remain there at all times while traveling.
Only one pet per customer is allowed; however, exceptions can be made for those traveling with more than one animal if space allows. If more than one pet is being carried, each additional animal will count toward Southwest's carry-on bag allowance.
Pets are not allowed in the first row of any aircraft.
Guidelines & Restrictions

[i]Southwest Airlines Pet Travel Tips and Tricks[/i]
If you are flying with your pet, it is important to understand the airline's flying policy. There are many rules to consider, including size restrictions and fees. There are also certain requirements if your animal is a service animal or emotional support animal.
These tips and tricks can help you prepare your pet for flight. Regardless of the size of your pet, it is essential that it is properly trained and crate trained before the trip.

While flying with your pet, be sure to let it go potty before departure. Some airlines will allow pet toilet breaks, but they may be stressful for your pet. It would help if you tried to plan your layovers so your pet can relieve itself.
Additionally, make sure to consult with your veterinarian about any vaccinations your animal needs before you board the flight.
NOTE: If possible, choose a flight with a longer layover than yours, which will ensure that your pet gets to use the restroom and exercise between flights.