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Top Places to Visit in Darjeeling


Tucked in North East India, Darjeelin

g is house to the one of the most famous tea estates in the world. Darjeeling tea is so famous, that people from all over the world throng the city just to experience the brilliance that goes behind the production of the tea. Moreover, the weather is always awesome there with the mean temperature ranging from 6 to 18 degree Celsius.

Apart from tea gardens there are lots places to visit in Darjeeling which will leave you stunned. You can find number of Tour Packages of Darjeeling over internet for best experience in the city. Here is a list of places where you can visit if you are traveling to Darjeeling.

1. Ghoom: Situated 7km from Southwest from Darjeeling, Ghoom is home to a number of Buddhist shrines. One of the most famous monasteries is Yiga Choling Gompa, which has beautiful old murals and provide home to more than 30 monks of the Gelugpa School. The shrine was built in 1850 and consists a 5m high statue of Maitreya and preserves 300 Tibetan texts.


Tiger Hill: People line up every day in the morning to witness the sunrise that engulfs a range of mountains in its beauty. We can see dawn light break over a spectacular 250 km stretch of Himalayan horizon, including Everest, Lhotse and Makalu.. The view is breathtaking and you can see hundreds of jeeps going towards the hill during early morning.


Happy Valley Tea Estate: Founded in 1854, the tea estate is worth visiting especially when plucking and processing of tea leaves are in progress during the months of March to November. Usually you are taken on a guided tour by an employee’s where you get a chance to march through the factory where you can find out how green, black and white teas come from the same leaves.


Lloyd Botanical Gardens: If you love nature and have interest in knowing about the special and rare plants across India, then this place for you. The gardens contain an impressive collection of Himalayan plants like orchids and rhododendrons among the other 150 rare species of plants kept in conservatory.


Japanese Peace Pagoda: One of more than 70 pagodas built around the world by a Japanese organization, the glittering white pagoda is a sight to behold. Though what attracts huge number of tourists here is the prayer session where visitors are encouraged to join in the rituals. You can reach there in a half an hour from Clubside junction along AJC bose road.


Darjeeling is one of the perfect hill stations to calm the encore in your mind and find peace in the lap of the nature. The sweet scent of tea will keep you fresh and the weather will never let you feel fatigued.