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How do I cancel my Air France flight? Find Out Here!


You can choose any way to cancel your flight according to your convenience. Hence, here are the simple steps which you can follow for your flight reservations.
Can I contact Air France by email? You can contact our agents by phone at 877 681-0056/ 888-5SAPHIR or by email at
Air France Cancellation Policy Overview

Online Air France Cancellations

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Air France?
Air France Cancellation Fee of $100 to $500 is applicable if ticket cancellation requests are made after 24 hours as a risk-free cancellation. If you cancel your Air France flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of your flight, then a fee of $100 to $400 will be charged as an Air France cancellation fee.
Is Air France giving refunds for Cancelled flights?
If you are thinking, Is Air France giving a refund for canceled flights? Yes, “Since the start of this emergency, Air France has given refundable vouchers as a business reaction to enormous flight refund,” the transporter proceeded. “These vouchers can be repaid following a year if they have not been (completely) utilized.
“Accordingly, Air France has chosen to change their refund policy for flight cancellation occurring in May and after. Concerned customers will be offered the decision of a voucher or a cash refund.
At that point, considering the extent of this emergency Air France and thank their customers for their comprehension in these extraordinary conditions.”
However, the transporter said that it would before long declare plans “to make all vouchers more alluring by adding additional advantages”.
Air France presently says that a 15% reward will be added to the worth of the vouchers, which “can be used for another booking yet won’t be remembered for the money payout.