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Here’s What to Do If You Miss Your Flight on Alaska Airlines


Missed Alaska Flight? Many times, passengers miss their flights because of traffic delays and other circumstances. If you left for the airport on your flight’s scheduled departure date but unfortunately missed the flight, this must be a bit stressful; after all, how will you cope with this situation?
You should take advantage of the Alaska Airlines No-show policy and know everything about missed flights.
What Happens If I Miss My Flight Alaska Airlines?

What is Alaska Airlines No-show Policy?
No-show is when a flight departs without having all passengers checked in. For example, if a person fails to check-in for their flight and the plane takes off, the missed flight counts as a no-show.
Alaska Airlines’ no-show policy is also not lenient. If a customer doesn’t cancel his/her flight tickets until the scheduled departure time, then Alaska Airlines will apply its no-show policy to that customer’s reservation.
This also means that all other flights of the passenger will be automatically canceled, and no refund will be provided by the airline on a non-refundable ticket. However, if the passenger is traveling on a refundable ticket then he/she will get a refund even if a no-show is applied to the said passenger’s reservation.
What If I am going to miss my Alaska flight
If you are going to miss your flight, tell Alaska Air about it beforehand. They will give you the value of your ticket as credit for future use. The credit will be sent to your My Wallet. You can cancel your ticket using three main options:
Contacting the reservations team on the phone

If you fail to cancel your flight before the departure time or don’t show up for your flight, the no-show policy will be applied. This means that:

If You Have a Multi-Flight Trip
For a multi-flight itinerary, compensation may only be paid on the flights you missed or were delayed on. In order to receive compensation, your delay or cancellation must meet several conditions. They include:

Book a same-day change
If you’ve missed your flight and need a guaranteed seat on another flight rather than a standby seat, there’s also the option to book a same-day change. Depending on the airline, there are a few rules to this policy, like you must request the change before your original flight departs and it must be a flight that departs on the same calendar day. Alaska Airlines offers this option for $50, while American and United offer same-day changes for $75.
You can book a same-day change up to 24 hours before your original flight’s departure time. While there isn’t a set time as to how last-minute you can book a same-day change, airlines like American will let you book even if you already checked in for your original flight and checked a bag (though they’ll need at least one hour’s notice of your request in order to move the bag to your new flight).
If you have elite status, you might be able to leverage it for a free same-day change, too.