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Majestic Place For Vacation In Nagpur


Nagpur is the well-framed city of Maharastra, it is also known with the title of Orange City Of India. The city is the center for the trade of oranges. There are also known for the winter capital of Maharastra and tiger capital of India. It is one of the proposed cities in the name of smart city. There are plenty of places in Nagpur that is enriched with the cultural heritage site, temples, gardens, lakes and many more. Not only the city, the whole India is full of culture, tradition and enriched with one message that is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The meaning of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is “The world is one family” that is originated from the Sanskrit language. India is a well known country for many reasons that major tourist footfall because of Taj Mahal agra India because it is count in the seven wonder of the world.

When we talk about the history of Nagpur, it was founded by Gond rulers of Deogarh and in the mid 18th century comes under the rule of Marathas of the Bhonsle dynasty with the disciples of Lord Buddha. In talks about the geographical structure of Nagpur, it is almost at the centre of the country which is situated at Nag River. Now, one by one we will discuss about the most famous tourist places of Nagpur. One point you should keep in mind that you can cover same day agra tour and also you can reach Nagpur by train.



It is a historical place which is established in the memory of the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar along with the bronze statue of Buddha. The design of this Dhamma Chakra Stupa, it is inspired by the Sanchi Stupa. The location of the deekshabhoomi is on the Ambazari road. Tourists should not worry about the opening timing because it is open all day.

Nature Time- Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sancturary

It is center of ball for the many wildlife photographers and tourists. The interesting fact is the only male tiger in the whole sancturary named “Jai”. You can also spot wild dogs, gaur, pangolins, flying squirrels, and many diverse species of animals. It is located in Navegaon that is 58km from Nagpur and the timing is in the early morning at 6am to 8am and in afternoon session timing is 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

Vidarbha Cricket Stadium

You can watch games over here, the ground is the witnessed of many national and international matches with many records make and break by many players. It is on the wardha road near khapri railway station.

Raman Science Centre

It was established on 7th march 1992 and turned into the fully functioned on 5th January 1997. It is the showcase of science and technology growth and till date many exhibitions are carried out. The centre names drives on the Noble prize winner that is Dr. C.V. Raman for the Raman Effect in physics. There is a gallery of information and technology, inventions and innovations, planetarium 3D shows, prehistoric Animal Park, sky Observation Park and many more attraction points. The timing is from 11:30am to 7pm and the location is opposite to gandhisagar on subhash road.

There are many other hotspot of Nagpur such as khindsi lake, Japanese rose garden, Lata Mangeshkar Musical garden, Sitabuldi fort, Waki woods-A Camping Hub, Futala Lake, Ramtek, Amba Khori waterfall and many more places to visit. You can plan your trip in the summer season and in winter season as well as per your comfortable time.

How To Reach Nagpur?

All the three mode of connection to Nagpur is available you can pick any one of them as per your schedule on tour plan. The rail, the air, and the road services are available for 24 by 7. The nearest international airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The distance in between both the places airport and nagpur is about the 823km approx.

The Agra and Nagpur distance is about the 826km. The train connectivity is good from both the points and minimum time it will take to reach Nagpur from the agra by train is approx 11hour only. In this post you will learn about the Nagpur tourist places and it is the great opportunity for the tourist is to see the taj mahal rather than visit the Mumbai because the distance is about the same from both the side to reach the Nagpur.