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Kolli Hills Surreal And Tranquil


Located in the district of Namakkal, in Tamil Nadu, Kolli Hills is known for its serene and tranquil beauty which is strewn everywhere there. The captivating site is situated at an elevation of 1300 meters from sea level. The sprawling area of the site is nearly 280 square KM. The best thing about this hill station is that it has 70 hairpin bends that can be used to access the top of it. The Kolli hills are an inseparable part of the Eastern Ghats and run parallel to the east coast of south India. It is also known as unspoiled beauty. It is one of the most famous hill stations in India like Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders of World. If you plan a trip to visit Taj Mahal, remember taj mahal closing day because this monument is closed of Friday. The Kolli Hills gets its name after the name of Goddess Etukkai Amman who is also known as Kollipavai. It is believed that Goddess protects the hills from a demon.

History Of Kolli Hills:-
In 200 CE, The area of Kolli Hills was ruled by Valvil Ori who is known for his philanthropy. He was a great worrier which can be found in the local folklore in the form of song. Ori is a highly recognized worrier who could kill a lion, a boar, and a deer with one arrow. Kolli hills are protected by local Goddess Ettukai Amman, according to Sangam literature, sages used to choose this place for performing penance and demon wanted to disrupt their penance, in order to protect the penance of the sages, Goddess would make the demon run with her mesmerizing smile.  Therefore, Kolli Hills are worshipped by local people even today. The Kolli hills have a large number of herbal medicines that can make us healthy and fit. After doing the sightseeing of Kolli Hills, one can opt for other tourist places, including same day taj Mahal visit from Delhi or Jaipur, golden triangle tour package in india, and some more. Consequently, you can visit many stunning places.

Nearby Attractions Of Kolli Hills:-
While on the tour of Kolli hills, one can visit many attractions, such as the Botanical garden, Masil falls, Mini falls, Sikku Parai, Sozhakaadu, Akasshaganga waterfalls, and many more tourist attractions. All these attractions must be included in your tour plan so that you can make the best of this trip.
What Is The Best Time To Visit Kolli Hills:-
Kolli hills can be explored by tourists throughout the year except for January because the temperature drops down to one or two degrees. The lush greenery of Kolli hills is captivating that can leave you enthralled and inpires you to visit many times with your family member or friends. If you want to experience the best beauty of these hills, you must be here from February to December. 

How To Reach Kolli Hills:-
The closest railway station to the kolli hills is Salem which is situated at a distance of 90 KM from the kolli hills, from where one can get cabs or buses to reach the site easily. If you like to reach by road, you can use a car or bus from nearby states or cities with ease. The nearest airport to reach Kolli hills is at Trichy which is nearly 90 KM from this site. By hiring a cab or bus, one can reach the site in one hour and thirty minutes.