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Araku Valley: Rich Landscape And Amazing Weather


[font=Arial,]Boasting immense serenity and nature natural beauty, Araku Valley is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh which is located at a distance of 120 KM from Vizag. It has been known as a virgin and unspoiled hill station in the state. Nowadays, it turns out to be a gateway for weekend tourists who belong to Vizag. The visual satisfaction to get is outstanding which can make them mesmerized with ease. If you are planning to visit Araku Valley, you must go through this post which will provide you its insight.[/font]


[font=Arial,]Araku Valley Famous For:[/font]

[font=Arial,]With its ardent greenery, sprawling coffee plantations, breathtaking landscape, stunning waterfalls, enchanting streams, and alluring weather, Araku Valley turns out to be one the fascinating tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh among honeymooners, nature lovers, photo and adventure enthusiasts, and flora and fauna lovers who come here from all over the country. There are many places to visit but you can plan a precise itinerary like tourists do on the golden triangle tour.[/font]

[font=Arial,]Situated in the Eastern Ghats, it is known for its number of tribes as well. Boasting a few tribal caves and the Museum is dedicated to the tribal arts. The lingering aroma of Coffee attracts coffee lovers. Apart from being prominent due to its natural vista point, one can experience adrenaline rush activities, like swimming, and trekking. If you have a call to visit the hill station, Araku Valley is going to be one of the outstanding destinations in Andhra Pradesh.   [/font]

[font=Arial,]Things To Do In Araku Valley:[/font][font=Arial,]  [/font]

[font=Arial,]Embedded with many touristic destinations, such as Tadimada waterfalls, Tribal Museum, Borra Caves, Chaparai Waterfalls, Tadimada Waterfalls, Padmapuram Gardens, and many more breathtaking tourist destinations to explore, that can be explored in Araku Valley.  [/font]

[font=Arial,]Tourist Destination To Araku Valley: [/font]

Ananthagiri hills are located 19 KM from Araku Valley, Samalkot is at a distance of 16 KM from Araku Valley, Vizianagaram which is situated at a distance of 60 from here, Visakhapatanam at a distance of 80 away from Araku Valley, Jeypore is nearly 67 KM from Araku Valley, and many more attractions. All these attractions must be kept in your tour plan to make your journey memorable.  

[font=Arial,]Best Time To Visit Araku Valley:[/font]

One of the most convenient times to visit Araku Valley starts from September to February, it is the most favorable time for tourist who wants to read about India by traveling most of them visit monument and inquiry like Tajmahal time. The climate of this valley becomes cold during the months of winter that drops down to 4 degrees Celsius. A large number of tourists like to explore this place after the month of August. During these months, the natural beauty is sprawling here that can leave you stunned.  

[font=Arial,][size=3]How To Reach Araku Valley?   [/font][/size]

To explore Andhra Pradesh tourism, Araku Valley does not have an airport. The nearest airport is in Vishakhapatnam which is at a distance of 80KM from here that distance can be covered either by rails or surface with ease. Reaching by train, there is only one train from Vishakhapatnam to Araku that takes nearly five hours. Araku Valley is well-connected by surface to the entire major nearby cities.