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Tadoba Wildlife Safari - The Real Land of Majestic Tigers


[font=Georgia, serif]Where:[/font][font=Georgia, serif] Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]Best time to Visit Tadoba :[/font][font=Georgia, serif] March-May and October -December[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]You require:[/font][font=Georgia, serif] 3-5 days [/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]Maharashtra’s biggest national park, Tadoba National Park spans approximately 625 sq km and has one of the highest tiger densities in India. On the wildlife record, there are about 47 tigers in thereserve, as per the tiger census conducted in 2010, but some Tadoba Tiger Safari operators & wildlife guides are of the opinion that there might be more; closer to about 70 is their estimate as more males have got into the Tadoba national park in the most recent 5 years.[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary and Tadoba National Park and jointly outline the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The striking Tadoba Wildlife Safari is widely popular amongst the jungle lovers and people who are in quest to escape the commotion of city life.  [/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]If you are all deciding to explore the rich wildlife in Maharashtra, then you just cannot do away with Tadoba wildlife safari which is sited in the core of Vidarbha region. The wildlife encompasses of leopards, gaur, sloth bears, tigers, hyenas, sambar, wild dogs, panthers and other rare species.[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]Tadoba is extremely overshadowed by more than 141 species of trees with mystifying scenery of small lakes, marshlands and rocky cliffs. Along with being much-admired as the major [/font][font=Georgia, serif]tiger safari in India[/font][font=Georgia, serif], Tadoba National Park is also composed of diverse fauna and flora that pull thousands of people towards it. Further, Tadoba- Andhari National Park is renowned for the presence of uncommon species like chausingha or, barking deer/ brow-antlered deer and subtle tree shrew. Together with exploring [/font][font=Georgia, serif]Tadoba wildlife safari[/font][font=Georgia, serif], Travellers also observe the sight of abundant species of reptiles, rare insects and birds residing in these dense forests.[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]Administration Zones of Tadoba-Andhari[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]The amazing reserve has 3 administrative zones: Moharli, Tadoba-Andheri and Kolsa with several entry gates. The Moharli gate has good popularity among public due to its nearness to Chandrapur city.[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]It is really important to plan the journey well before by [/font][font=Georgia, serif]online safari booking in Tadoba[/font][font=Georgia, serif], as the wildlife reserve comprises of few locations for safari amenities and accommodation. The awe-inspiring national park will not only bequeath you some enjoyment, but also facilitate you to take delight in the elephant rides. When you choose to make an [/font][font=Georgia, serif]online safari booking in Tadoba[/font][font=Georgia, serif], you must gather complete information about the visiting times and some other useful facts. Although the national park is at all hours open, but the best time to tour around is from the months of November to May. [/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]Thrilling Tiger Safari Adventures[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]If you have already made a Tadoba[/font][font=Georgia, serif] Safari [/font][font=Georgia, serif]plan for autumn/winter, you will obtain an opportunity to eyewitness the tigers and some other biota near the watering ponds through an exciting Tadoba Jeep Safari. Usually, the tigers can be seen in the months of April & May & Oct-Nov. In addition, advanced [/font][font=Georgia, serif]Tadoba safari booking[/font][font=Georgia, serif] will facilitate you to take delight in forest safari in the park without any stress. The advance booking process enables you to revel in your wildlife safari in an easier manner.[/font]