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Ranthambore National Park Safari Booking Process


[font=Arial, sans-serif]Among the most popular wildlife Tours in India for the Tiger sighting in their natural environment, the Ranthambore National Park gets the highest number of footfalls amongst all the traveller destinations in India. The Ranthambore safari booking is being done by the forest division of Ranthambore using the online as well as offline booking system. Till now, 75 percent of the total number of safari permitted to enter in a day has actually been done through the on-line booking system while 25 percent of safari has been booked through the offline procedure. However, the forest division of Rajasthan is currently mulling over to make some modification in the process. As per the upcoming booking system, visitors can make an on-line reservation also for the 25 percent offline quota through the any e-Mitra.[/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]The offline booking quota was utilized by the travellers who visit the park with no prior planning. They do not have the advance reservation of the safari so through the offline booking at the booking window of the Ranthambore forest office they can get the permit right away. After the implementation of the brand-new system, the offline quota can also be reserved in advance through the e-Mitra system. A senior forest authorities of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve stated, "The step has been taken to maintain transparency. Offline booking at tiger reserve is done by a private company using its very own software application. Department Information Technology has already created an unique software application for reservation. The decision has been taken to discourage the existing pattern. Few representatives at RTR book safari tickets making use of modern-day software application. Furthermore, the booking does not begin at 12 midnight, because of which traveller cannot reserve their tickets by themselves. Agents are aware of the precise timing of online booking opening. The brand-new system would certainly bring in transparency."[/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]According to the official of the Ranthambore forest department, the new modification will certainly be implemented from the September 15th of this year. The forest authorities stated, "There is raising interest in the RTR as well as efforts are being made to establish a transparent system to prevent black-marketing. This would certainly give a boost in income generation." The renewed system will inspect the booking scams as well as offer more transparent booking procedure. The advance booking period has also been raised from 3 months to 1 year. The Ranthambore forest division is generating great revenue by organizing the wildlife safari in the park. With the increasing craze for the tiger sighting in the Ranthambore forest in their natural habitat, an amendment in the permit booking system as well as updating of the facilities in Ranthambore was long required. The facilities has also been updated recently with the setup of solar panels in the forest, building 100 water holes to meet the water scarcity in summer season for wild animals as well as equipping forest guards with cordless sets and improving patrolling as well as monitoring system.[/font]