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A packing list for the Camino de Santiago


Bearing in mind the fact that you will be carrying with you at all times everything you choose to pack for the Camino de Santiago, you can see why it is so important to pack wisely. What may seem like a must back at home might come to haunt you after a few days on the road. You may feel a pound is not much, but can be proved wrong quite easily.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of repacking somewhere along the road, here is a packing list for the Camino that will make your trip just a bit more enjoyable. Depending on which Camino you are taking, and how long you will be on the road, you can adjust this list to your liking. Make sure you stop yourself from overstuffing your pack, and weigh it a few times before you head out on the Camino.

Have fun, and stay safe!

Choosing a pack

The first thing to do is consider the pack. It should be neither too large, nor too heavy. You may be tempted to choose the backpack after you know what you need to pack, but stop yourself from doing so. If you limit yourself with the size of the pack, it will be harder to overdo it.

The backpack you choose should have adjustable straps and be waterproof. You don’t need to go for the most expensive one, all you need is durability. Camino forums offer a lot of information on the right pack, so make sure you check them out, and find a brand you can trust.

Choosing the shoes

The next thing to consider are the shoes, and they need to be perfect. Not beautiful, just comfortable and sturdy, and ready to take you for however many miles you need them to. You want to get something made for hikers, weatherproof and reliable. This is where you should be putting the most effort into. You need to make sure they fit perfectly, and that they are broken in on time. The socks that go with them also need to be the best they can be, in order to avoid any blisters and aching feet.

Packing the clothes

In a way, what you choose to pack clothes-wise is the least important. You need to go for durable clothes that are comfortable and moisture wicking, but they do not need to be branded or exceptionally fashionable. The jacket needs to be waterproof and come with a hood, and other than that, you can go with as many shirts, t-shirts and pants as you think you might need. Don’t go overboard, once again.

Going for the gear

If you trust the camera on your phone, you don’t need to bring another one. It will just weigh you down. You should pack a USB charger, a flashlight, a portable battery, and a good pair of headphones. Other than that, you are all set. Try to distance yourself from the tech world and the internet for a while.

Packing a medicine bag

Make sure you pack all the prescribed medication you will need, of course. You can also pack an extra set, just to be on the safe side. You will also want to have painkillers and Band-Aids, as well as something for sunburn and insect bites. More importantly, you need to have something with a high SPF, to prevent any sun damage.
When packing toiletries, make sure you go for the travel sizes. You can restock if need be, but this is where most people tend to pack too much, so make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Everything else

What I also recommend packing is a pocket knife, scissors, a cup, pen and paper, a towel and toilet paper, safety pins and a sewing kit. You can also pack a good book, or have some audiobooks on your phone. Earplugs and a sleeping mask might also come in handy. A hat I also recommend, but not an umbrella. Make sure you also have the right currency on you.

After you have packed all this, make sure to test out the weight, and not just by taking a walk in the apartment. Take the pack out for a spin, and make sure you can bear the weight. After that, you are all set to enjoy your Camino!