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Where to Eat and Stay and What to See in Sydney, Australia


f you are looking for a city that will dazzle you with its pristine, untamed nature, dreamlike beaches and rich cultural heritage, look no further than Sydney. Truth be told, the real question is what not to see in Sydney? The list of irresistible, majestic places is practically endless, and it’s likely that the city will steal away much more time than you’ve had in mind.

Voted one of the best countries to visit in winter, and an unparalleled champion of summer fun, Australia should be on every true wanderlust bucket list, and Sydney can be your primary destination to ensure love at first sight. To make sure you will make the most of your travels to Australia’s oldest city, let’s take a look at some of the places that should be on your must-see list before you begin your journey, where to book your stay and what dishes you won’t be able to resist during your visit.

Vivid Sydney cruises

If you’re planning to visit Sydney between the 26th of May and the 17th of June this year, you absolutely cannot miss the Vivid Sydney Light Festival. With an impressive offer of free and paid exhibitions, music concerts, performances, idea programs, creative workshops and international meetups and conferences, you can take your pick of favorite events and book the tickets in advance.

For a unique glimpse at the light spectacle of the festival, you can take an evening cruise around Sydney and spend a few hours soaking in the magical scenery with a refreshing drink in your hand and perhaps even a food buffet at your disposal. You will be able to see the Sydney Opera House sails, the monumental arches of the Harbour Bridge, as well as the vibrant Darling Harbor among many others.

Beach hopping
To try some of the favorite local pastime activities, you will have to visit their stunning beaches, teeming with tourists and natives playing volleyball, sunbathing or even whale spotting! Take a slow-paced walk from Bondi to Coogee beach to enjoy approximately 6 kilometers of incredible coastline beauty. The lively chirping of the crowd, the relaxing warmth of the sun and that intoxicating ocean breeze will make you instantly fall in love with the local culture.

If you’re traveling with your family, Coogee offers a plethora of playgrounds, relaxing cafes, barbeque spots, safe bathing areas and isolated headlands from which you can observe whales in their natural habitat, playfully jumping out of the water, especially during the season of their migration, which happens between May and November every year.

The Blue Mountains
Start your tour from Sydney and hike towards the intact wilderness of the Blue Mountains for a day-long experience of the local wildlife and breathtaking flora. You will have the chance to visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park hand-feed the kangaroos and wallabies, and have a real off-the-beaten-track adventure with a small group of people to ensure a more personal feel.

Your guide will provide a rich commentary during the most important sightseeing moments and lookouts, giving you an insight into the wonders of this unparalleled rocky region, where you will be able to see steep valleys, dark eucalyptus forests and an unforgettable view of the Three Sisters, a well-known rock formation with a restless beauty that changes with the mood of the sun.

With such awe-inspiring scenery, the peaceful but powerful spirit of the Blue Mountains will leave you feeling infinitesimally small, but filled with new appreciation for this ancient artistry of Mother Nature. If there is a single bucket list visit on your journey to Australia, make sure this is the one. 

Perfect accommodation

Instead of a hectic stay in the heart of the city center, a more peaceful location will provide you with a chance to sneak a peek into the suburbs of Sydney and experience the true essence of Australian life. Stay in a beautiful boutique Randwick hotel, and you will be well-connected with every corner of the city, within the walking distance of some of the most beautiful areas in the region.

Such family-friendly surroundings, serene parks and historic ambiance will only make your stay more comfortable, giving you the chance to completely absorb the charisma and the unique allure of the city. With Coogee beach, Darling harbor and Centennial Park only a few minutes away, you can enjoy the magnetism of modern city parts as well as the soothing calm of various hidden nooks in the suburbs. 

The tastes of Sydney

With its multicultural background and a versatile, curious soul, Sydney is brimming with restaurants, hip cafes, bars and nightclubs you won’t be able to resist. Although you can start with a taste of international scene, you cannot miss out on the local seafood restaurants that will mesmerize you with a diverse palette of tastes.

One of the most popular trends on the rise in Australia is their love for brunch, so make sure to visit a local food place for a time-out from your rush through the favorite city spots. Whether you find yourself in North Bondi and pop to Bondi Wholefoods, or you’re visiting Bronte for a bite in Three Blue Ducks, try their famous avocado toasts or mango smoothies to feel like a true Aussie.

Wine tasting

For the true gourmets among you, you haven’t visited Australia if you haven’t tried some of their finest wines. In order to ensure a complete experience, take a day or two for a tour in the Hunter Valley Gardens. You can spend time in their vineyards and boutique wineries tasting wines, and visit local restaurants serving various cheeses, and even chocolates for those with a sweet tooth.

Both a guided tour and a solo excursion have their perks, so explore your options before you set out on a full day of culinary artistry, relaxing scenery and festive music. You can even learn about the growing popularity of biodynamic wine production, and taste some of their locally grown, organic grapes.

Leave time to enjoy an adventurous skydiving session, visit more of their national parks, look for whales from the local viewpoints and don’t forget to admire the aboriginal heritage, museums and incredible shopping sprees Sydney is famous for.

No matter what time of the year you choose to travel or how long you stay, as your return date approaches, you will discover that you could never stay long enough to experience entire Sydney. Some say that even a lifetime spent in this iconic city can only give you a glimpse into its timeless, ever-changing spirit. So, pack your bags and prepare for the most memorable experience of your life as this captivating city will sweep you off your feet.