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What to Pack for Vacation With Your Baby


Traveling with kids requires special planning, and if you are planning on vacationing with an infant then you are going to need to double that effort. The days when you could just put a few items in the suitcase and hit the road are long gone. When you are vacationing with kids, packing becomes an art form and this article is here to help you do it like a pro.

Let’s start with the essentials
Regardless of your destination you need to have all the essentials packed and ready. If you are lucky you will able to buy stuff right there on location but if that is not the case, it is best to consider packing sufficient amounts of the following items. Diapers, of course, are a must. So pack as many as you think you might need. Just so you don’t get stressed if your local store at the desired destination does not have the ones you want. While we are o the subjects, bring a pad to put under your baby when changing, This will protect both your baby and the surface on which you are changing them. Of course, wipes and rash cream go without saying. Finally, don’t forget their favourite blanket so that they can keep warm if there is a temperature drop during your trip.

On to clothing
You need to pay special attention to clothing items. Pack for all kinds of weather so that your baby feels comfortable. As you know, baby clothes don’t take up too much space, so you can pack a bit extra just in case. This is especially important if you won’t have the time to wash every single item during your vacation. Make sure you start packing on time so that, in case you see you are missing an item or two, you can find quality kids boutique clothing and get the pieces you need. The important thing is to have both long and short sleeves as well as pants. If the weather is hot there is a good chance your little one will do fine in a onesie or just a t-shirt and diapers. But just in case the weather changes and if you want to take those beautiful vacation baby pics add a few more items to your clothes packing list.

If you are still nursing, then, you just might consider carrying a few extra bottles to keep in the freezer on location, just in case you want an hour or two for yourself and leave the baby with your partner. And, of course, a must-have is the breast pump. But if your baby is using formula or has started eating solids then the packing procedure is a bit different. First of all, make sure you bring enough formula, since much like with the diapers, there is a chance you might not find the right one to buy on vacation. The next on the list is the food you need to prepare meals for your baby, like rice flakes, carrots and so on. Do your research and see if there are available organic vegetables at your vacation location so that you don’t carry that. In most cases, you are not allowed to bring those items into a foreign country. Rice flakes or corn polenta you can pack without any problems.

Toys and toiletries
Depending on the age of your little one toys are usually a must. But don’t bring the entire playroom in most cases just three or four items are more than enough. Next, make sure you pack all the necessary toiletries as well as a customized first aid kit. Items like your baby favorite soap and shampoo along with the right lotions are an absolute must, you don’t want to try out different things while on vacation as you might be faced with an allergic reaction and in need of medical assistance. And as for the first aid kit, it is important to have everything your baby might need, this includes, again depending on the age, stomach cramps medication or something to help soothe teething pains. Don’t forget to bring a specialized baby sunscreen, and fever medication that your pediatrician has prescribed. For everything else, it is best to find a pediatrician on location.

You are now ready for your first vacation with the little one. Have a great time and make some fantastic memories!