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Top 5 Road Trips in NSW


One might say that the Land Down Under is one of the endless possibilities and infinite amounts of sunshine, yet one would be remiss not to mention the beauties of the continent’s natural wonders that await travellers and locals alike. If you dare to venture outside the comfort of your native city or town, you can discover a whole new world you probably never dreamed existed.

Australia might be a grand place not easily traversed on a weekend afternoon, however if you are willing to devote a day or two to exploration and adventure, you will have immediately set the stage for an experience of a lifetime. Here to spark your imagination, quench your thirst for life and inspire your love for the great outdoors are the top five road trips you can take in New South Wales.

Blue Mountains

Arguably one of the most breathtaking discovery trails on this side of Oceania, the Greater Blue Mountains Drive will take you through the most magnificent natural creations in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area of NSW, not a two-hour drive from our beloved city of Sydney

The Blue Mountains national park is a true haven for travellers and nature lovers. The Drive includes eighteen discovery trails that branch off from the main road, and all are easily accessible via car, although a van or a 4x4 vehicle would be optimal. You can also set up camping and enjoy a weekend of fun and exploration.

Be sure to take every precaution in ensuring your car runs smoothly, call your trusted mobile mechanic and have them check your car right in your garage, before embarking on this trip.. You can never be too careful when venturing out of the city.

Grand Pacific Drive

There is nothing quite like driving down the south-east coast from Sydney, travelling the renowned Grand Pacific Drive that imbues the scenery with a sense of freedom and endless possibilities. You don’t have to travel all the way down to Melbourne, but you can follow the path through Wollongong all the way to Moruya and Eden.

The breathtaking route will take you through rainforests and quaint seaside villages while presenting a dreamy view of the coastline one could easily fall in love with.

Darling River Run

Imbued with the vivid memories of Australia's pioneering days, the Darling River Run is poised with adventure and beauty, spanning a whopping 730 kilometers from Walgett to Wentworth. The climate is mostly arid and the summers are harsh, yet the journey is more than worth the effort as certain destinations such as the Opal Country and the Lighting Ridge are definite must-sees.

Waterfall Way

Ever wanted to visit five national parks in one spectacular drive? The Waterfall Way is your chance to pass through some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the country, stretching from Coffs Harbour to Armidale in a breathtaking 185-kilometre route.

You will be driving through lush woodland areas and rainforests, making a stop at the famous lookout platform at Ebor Falls that will steal your heart. Be sure to pack your picnic gear, as you would be remiss not to make a stop at the Dangers Falls and the Wollomombi Falls as well.

Poachers Way

Poachers way is a route dedicated to those hedonists among you whose insatiable thirst for life and the great outdoors is accompanied by the need to experience unique gastronomic adventures and quaint outdoor activities as well, such as horseback riding.

Located just 25 minutes from the nation’s capital and three hours from Sydney is Poachers Pantry, a home to many exquisite culinary wonders surrounded by lush nature and true Australian countryside. The area is home to a restaurant, a winery and a smokehouse producing various smoked meats of opulent tastes and aromas. A true paradise for those looking to find balance between nature and comfort.

The road trips that take you through the heart of NSW are but a few of many that Australia has to offer. Whether you are visiting the region or you’re a local in search of adventure, be sure to follow these magnificent trails and you will imbue your heart and soul with lifelong memories.